festival glitter

Summer Festival Looks – Glitter

Summer Festival Trends Glitter Hair BraidsSecond in our series of this seasons festival looks. Quite possibly one of our favourite subjects EVER we just LOVE LOVE LOVE festival glitter ! And this season we are talking EVERYWHERE!

Festival glitter has gone into overdrive this season and as well as the festival activations at Glastonbury and V festival this summer we are also getting booked left right and centre for corporate events who want these bold looks to adorn their guests. Last year saw glitter partings and dazzling glitter eyes being HUGE, but this year’s take on the trend offers up a heavier-handed approach, and who are we to argue…


This seasons festival glitter trend – more is most def more:

Now, while we accept that a head-to-toe coating in festival glitter is a bold look for even the most outgoing of ladies (or gents) there are many ways to adopt the statement glistening look on a more wearable scale. We are in love with the many ideas to jazz up hair dos, to emblazon bottoms, upper legs, faces, necks, and even chests…although some are left to the brave – glitter boobs are an incredible statement but certainly take a bit of front (see what I did there…). Or is this taking it a bit too far – dare we mention glitter arm pits! …we might give that one a miss….

Summer Festival Trends Glitter BootySummer Festival Trends Glitter Booty

DIY festival glitter looks:

Our resident DIY fairy is on hand to offer up some application advice:
For glitter hair, face or body looks all you need is fine and chunky glitter; Vaseline or hair gel and a flat foundation brush or similar. Apply with reckless abandon a layer of fine glitter, add gel or Vaseline and a layer of chunky glitter and if in doubt…add more. Set with hair spray and boom you are ready to hit the fields.festival glitter

To bring the glitter bomb to your next event or campaign contact us on bookings@vanityvan.co.uk and we can send in our hit team of glitter makeup artists to sprinkle their fairy dust!

Festival Looks Floral Eyeliner

Summer festival looks – Flower power

With Coachella under our braided belts, we know what this means; festival season is well and truly underway.
Here at VV HQ we like to make sure you’re clued up on the latest trends ahead of schedule, we thought why not give you a quick run-down on some of our favourite festival looks for a summer of music-festival fun. The first in a three part series we look at the latest floral trends.

Flowers for festivals? Yes, yes, we know this is hardly ground-breaking news, but the floral trend which gained momentum in the seventies and shows no signs of dying out anytime soon, has taken on a new and exciting reincarnation for 2017. Whilst we won’t judge you for reaching for your trusty flower crown for your seventh Glasto in a row, check out these nature-inspired trends we are LOVING right now, if you fancy something new.

Blooming Mani:Festival looks floral Manicures
Following closely on the heels of the painted nail art we have been seeing the last few summers, the floral manicure is taking centre stage this season with dried flowers applied to the nail in place of the painted designs. A quick search online will offer up a variety of suppliers of dried flowers (or if you are feeling crafty, by all means whip up your own!) … apply with a dot of nail glue and seal with a layer of top-coat polish. Natural nail art perfection.

Subtle Flower Power:
Less is more where floral focus is concerned for this season as we noted at Coachella, where festival looks seemed to have matured slightly and a subtle, more toned-down look was adopted. In place of the mildly passé flower crown, we noted delicate floral hair pins, and real fresh, or dried flowers, tucked into gorgeous braided up-do’s and flowing boho waves alike.

Floral Liner:

Previous-years bold flower-power face art was pared right down with subtle floral accents appearing in place of liner or shadow (a steady hand is a must!). Using a fine liner brush and face paints or a flash palette, get creative with florals along your upper lash line being as dramatic or as subtle as you are comfortable with.

Festival Looks Floral EyelinerFestival Looks Floral Eyeliner









If you want to bring any of these floral wonders to your next event or campaign get in touch with our team at bookings@vanityvan.co.uk.

VIP Hospitality areas makeup mobile salon

VIP Hospitality Areas

VIP Hospitality areas makeup mobile salon

Are you looking to add a touch of luxury to your hospitality area? Or perhaps you are seeking an aspirational incentive for your VIP hospitality area ticket purchases? Whatever the situation Vanity Van services could be exactly what you are looking for.

VIP Hospitality area indoor salon

Innovation and relaxation are at the heart of what we do and we have collaborated with a huge variety of clients to elevate their VIP hospitality services at music festivals, exhibitions, shows, concerts and other public events. Our mobile salon services are an ideal addition to your upcoming event and can be tailored to suit your location, budget, and theme. Our expert team of multi-skilled hair stylists, makeup artists, beauticians, and holistic therapists will ensure your customers look and feel like true VIP’s.


V festival hospitality VIP salon

So how do our services work onsite? Our experts will discuss your requirements and make suggestions based on their experience as to what would work best in that environment and then you can decide what you would prefer. Our multiple salon options mean you can create a bespoke set up to suit your needs, at both indoor and outdoor locations, come rain or shine. You can either choose to pay out right for the services so they are free to your guests or in some circumstances we can organise bookings in advance and take payment direct from your guests.


For a little insight into how our salon services have benefited some of our previous clients, head over to our Case Studies page here. We have tackled all kinds of hospitality services – everything from glamping pampering for VIP’s at V festival, celebrity backstage services for the artists and guests at Radio One’s Big Weekends, Leeds festival and Latitude festivals, post-exertion pampering at the Filthy Mud Run, relaxing delegate oasis’ for the likes of Success Resources Tony Robbins events and Londis exhibitions at Excel, and VIP ‘thank you’s for Butlins music weekender guests. Our experience and expertise has lent itself to excelling in creating the ideal salon solutions for each of these events and more.

Radio One Big weekend 2014 Lily Allen kissing Katy B in salon VIP Hospitality

80s eye makeup coloured mascara beauty trends summer

Summer Beauty Package


Here at VV HQ we like to be ahead of the game when it comes to all the latest products and trends on the market. This month we are launching our first ever summer beauty package. Book our team to deliver this extravaganza at your next event to help your guests to stand out from the crowd with the summer seasons latest essential looks.

Bold statement eyes
80s eye makeup coloured mascara beauty trends summer

I’m sure we weren’t alone when a shudder went down our spine at the news that the beauty trends of the 80s were making a resurgence.

Fortunately, however, the more-is-more era has become slightly more wearable for its 2017 comeback. Corkscrew perms and liberally-applied blush aside, this season we will be focusing on colourful eye makeup looks with brash brights pulled up toward the temple, and co-ordinating coloured mascara applied to the lashes.

Latest glitter trends and metallic lips

outdoor salon makeup glitter lips

Of course, summer just wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of glitter, but this year it really is having its ‘shining’ moments

From subtle eye makeup looks to full body glitter paints, we have scoured the emerging and existing trends for our firm favourites this season and have plumped for… THE WORKS. Yes, we cheated as we just couldn’t narrow it down, so expect to see glittery under-eye makeup, metallic lips, glistening faux freckles and dazzling glitter hair lines from us this season.


summer beauty trends space buns braiding and glitter hair

Braid bars

Think braided up-dos and skinny plaits, this seasons hair is all about braids, which is fantastic news for party-goers as it’s a brilliant way to keep hair simultaneously under control and on trend in our unpredictable climate. Whatever your occasion, event or requirement, our talented team has the braided ‘do’ for you.

Our expert professional hair and makeup teams are multi skilled so it only takes one of our team to create these stunning looks for your guests. Email us at bookings@vanityvan.co.uk with some info around your event or campaign to find out more.








Loving the new henna craze this summer?

The history of Henna

Traditionally Henna is well known in India and the Middle East for occasions such as holidays, birthdays and weddings. Now the trend has spread worldwide. Today henna is being used a lot more for fashion and creative purposes. If you can’t bear to go through the pain of getting permanently inked, henna is a great temporary alternative.White Henna hand designs

Instagram is full of bloggers, beauty entrepreneur’s and celebrities such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Vanessa Hudgens and Cody Simpson showing off their new temporary tattoo designs.

With festival season on our doorstep, many festival goers are turning to henna to complete their look and help them to stand out from the crowd. The Vanity Van Team can bring these techniques to your next event or campaign and help your guests to stand out from the crowd too!white Henna hand designs

Henna is a paste made out of crushed leaves from guess what? A plant called henna! The henna plant is found and grown in South Asian and North African countries. Once the paste is applied to skin and left for a few hours, it then leaves a stain to the skin which can last from 7 to 14 days. White henna is applied in the same way and for Golden henna once you have applied the paste, brush a layer of mehron powder over the pattern and brush off the excess to create that metallic look.

The current henna trend

We have recently been drawn to the beautiful white and gold henna trend, a beauty bloggers favourite, which looks great with a tan and summer outfits.

metallic Henna designsWhite henna

White henna look gives a delicate finish, as if lace has been applied to the skin. This trend started in the Middle East where brides opted for white, instead of the traditional brown. To attend your summer events in style, team your white henna look with a white outfit and a pale coloured pastel nail varnish.

Golden henna

Also known as a metallic henna. This look is very elegant and feminine. This trend has come from Dubai, from a renowned Japanese jewellery designer Nobuhiko Akatsuka. Golden henna will give you a fabulous shine at the special events you have planned.


Henna painting techniques and their significance

When people get their very first henna, they tend to start off with a more universal design until they find one more tailored to them. Designs such as butterflies, flowers, mandalas, YingYang and stars are among the more common designs.

While henna has become an art, there are hidden meanings behind certain designs and where on the body it is. Dependent on where you get the henna, it can hold a significance. For instance, having a design on your hand signifies an offering from you to the world, while, on the back of your hand signifies protection.


How to book

We can provide make up artists to deliver these fantastic treatments into any event or campaign anywhere in the UK drop us a line at bookings@vanityvan.co.uk to discuss the details.

Intern roles available Summer 2016 – Event management and PR assistants

We have some new intern roles available for this summer ! Please see details below and how to apply

Vanity Van event staff

Vanity Van are an events based mobile beauty company who specialise in delivering services to the music industry, corporate and retail. We create unique event experiences for companies and individuals and run campaigns for brands utilising a wide range of hair, make up and beauty treatments. We have a series of indoor and outdoor salons and a large team of therapists, managers and PRs across the UK.

Vanity Van’s summer tour involves running salon activations at various festival and corporate events. We are looking for interns who are looking for experience in events to help support these activities.

Event management assistant
Duties / Responsibilities

– Aiding with the preplanning and onsite organisation of of logistics, equipment, stock and staffing
– Involvement with event administration onsite and offsite
– Helping with the setting up/breaking down and the running of the on site salon activity
– Working front of house on reception talking to the public and artists about the services and helping with appointments and data gathering
– Supporting the event manager during staff briefings and debriefs
– Helping compile event reports and feedback for clients

Event PR assistant

Duties / Responsibilities

Event based work

– Helping with the setting up/breaking down and the running of the on site salon activity
– Working front of house on reception talking to the people about the services and helping with appointments and data gathering

Vanity Van event staff beauty prsOn and off site marketing and PR tasks

– Helping create and collate social media content
– Working on website content and blogs
– Aiding decisions on what photographs and content are to be used for online and press
– Helping with press releases
– Helping with collating of data for marketing clients and media contacts

This will involve 2-3 months working on site and offsite conducting pre and post event activities we are ideally seeking someone to work at all the events throughout the summer but will consider applications from those that cannot attend them all and consider a job split between a few individuals. The off site work once trained is around 1-2 days a week (could be job shared) can also be conducted remotely we are quite flexible in terms of hours, locations etc.

Event dates throughout June, July, August and Sept – apply for exact details

Prep work for events

Normally PR prep work for the big events e.g. festivals is the 1-2 days before we leave for the event in Bournemouth and post event work the day or two after we return from the event again in Bournemouth.

For festivals we normally arrive the day before and leave the day after. For corporates the events are normally conducted in one day.


– Assessment for placement requirement
– All tickets for the events & transport is covered
– Some corporate events there is an intern wage, some festivals where we are charging there are spends
– Some food and drink are provided on site for the bigger events including bar b qs, snacks and drinks.
– For events which require it accommodation is provided. At camping festivals you will have areas to camp with the rest of the team
– Future paid work as a freelance PR

Skills and qualities

Training is given to the right candidates however we are interested to hear what relevant experience you may have for example working in similar environments or producing relevant content

We are particularly seeking candidates who exhibit the following qualities:

– Hard working
– Enthusiastic
– Team player
– Outgoing
– Professional
– Attention to details
– Creative
– Good with clients
– Comfortable working in a busy pressurised environment
– Able to cope with the elements

We will be assessing applications and holding phone interviews from 13th-15th June for a trial to start on 16th June. Please apply by emailing a covering letter explaining what qualifications you are currently or have just studied, why you are interested in the work experience and fill out this recruitment form

All the celeb gossip and news from Vanity Vans backstage salon at Leeds festival 2015

All the gossip and news from backstage from Leeds festival 2015

What a fabulous first day at the wonderous rock extravaganza that is Leeds and Reading festival! With only a small smattering of rain the sun has be shining down on our backstage salon and its been our busiest Friday to date!

Tending to the likes of the Years and Years, The Maccabees, The Gaslight Anthems, Black Honey and Feed the Rhino we have been fully booked for hair cuts for the boys, much needed back massages for those busy on tour and NYX makeovers to beautify the artists for their stage shows.

Rupert bassist from the Maccabees post hair cut

Everyones talking about a new festival in Paris RockenSeine which most of the acts we looked after today are working at between Leeds and Reading festivals ! Lots of jet setting around…

The Maccabees who are old Vanity Van veterans (we met them way back in 2009 at Beach break live!) Orlando the lead singer booked in for a much needed massage and Rupert the Bass guitarist popped in for his usual hair cut. They have been having a break for the last three years from the scene but stormed the stage with a vengeance – great to have them back…

The Libertines publicist just popped in and we are hoping to go down to their dressing room shortly to do some treatments – wondering what Pete Doherty will be up for !?

Frank Turners drummer was telling one of our hair dressers that Frank is considered a huge legend in his home town of Watford – they spend a lot of time there apparently and it just happened to be where our stylist Toni is from!

We had all the Coasts in Chris lead singer for massages and Ben the drummer for a massage and a hair cut – we transformed his barnet and the poor babe was telling us about a recent accident hes had which has left him with a huge scar on his head.

Izzy lead singer from Black Honey having a makeover

Black Honey were hilarious and they came bounding over from the Festival Republic stage first thing this morning to be sorted out as they had slept on the side of the road last night after being unable to find the campsite ! Izzy lead singer and guitarist was suffering from insane tent hair and we created a stunning bouffant 60’s style do and gave her a NYX makeover – she was ecstatic.


Another amazing day at the one like Leeds fest ! My god the artists were weary today…. All todays line up were at Reading last night and we hear on the grape vine Reading is where the P.A.R.T.Y is ! So many hungover weary people it was untrue. But our massages and beautifying saved the day as usual.

Busy busy day particularly for massages with Fred Durst lead singer of Limp Bizkit and Marcus Mumford lead singer of Mumford and Sons being our biggest clients of the day who were suffering from bad shoulders and necks probably from all that over exertion on stage.

Marcus Mumford lead singer of Mumford and Sons post massage

Our last visitor of the day was the lovely Dan from Bastille who came in for a hug and some goodies – no need for treatments as he was out having fun by this point.

Dan lead singer of Bastille


We bumped into regulars Wilkinson in the catering Marks singer Simon and MC Adam told us how mental the Reading crowds can be and even showed us vids from the stage the crowds were going OFF 12,000 people going mental… They have a whole live show this year with guitars, singers the works we cannot wait to see them later on tonight.

Adam and Simon from Wilkinson

Aaron guitarist from Martin LB was telling excitedly that hes off to record with the one and only Britney Spears tomo whos recording a new album – he was in love with her when he was 13…

Sydney Singer of Echo Smith post massage

Don Broco Robert lead singer and Matt drummer came in just now as they got our and pinched the last slots of the day chucking out some pretty riskay comments about what treatments we are doing…. We were fully booked for massages but we managed to squeeze in some cheeky head massages from our hairdressers instead.

Robert singer from Don Broco post head massage

Last stragglers from Friday we bumped into Deadmau5 last night having a cheeky fag outside the salon we had a little chat with him about meeting him a few years ago at Rockness when one of his friends had their nails done and he was showing us some crazy vids. His stage show was awesome the crowd went mental chanting “you what you what you what you what leeds!” it turned into a mosh pit so we had to leg it !

Jake Issac with manage Alix post massage

We had most of Misty Millers band in and had a right laugh with them talking about their experiences as band members over the years and some of the crazy things they got up to at their after parties… Misty loved her NYX goodies.

The crowds were going crazy this afternoon to All time Low and girls were fainting left right and centre and being carted off to the backstage for treatment.

Jack guitarist from All time low

Phil Bass Player from the Districts let on that he was massively star struck the other day when he bumped into Sanza from Game of Thrones at a festival the other day what a gem…
Hilarious moment of the day was bumping into Xfactors Piff the magic dragon and his dog in matching outfits – his face was a picture.

Xfactors Piff the magic dragon

Band God Damn were talking to us about the NYX face awards Emily Clayton who we met at the awards ceremony last week. She was the make up artist on their latest video and they love her work she is super talented we LOVED her two headed lady makeover that won her first prize at the awards.

Beautiful face art and Guyliner were the new trends at Leeds with all the chaps from Drenge coming into have it done – the Jack Sparrow look we like to call it. They loved our “we spotted Johnny Depp twice at Latitude but didn’t know it” story!! And we created some hilarious Kiss style rock make up with our NYX kit in honour of our rock fest


Last day at Leeds festival today gutted to be leaving the last one of the season… salon has been rammed all day great end to the weekend.

Mike lead singer from Young blood

We spotted Mike from Young Blood outside the salon and offered him a hair cut we LOVE his curly luscious locks he is sat contemplating it right now as we speak – told us hes been trying to grow it…. Fingers crossed he lets us later!

Jordan keyboardist from Bring me to the Horizon

Men of the moment Bring me to the Horizon are headlining under Metallica this year on the main stage they have had a huge rise to fame since we last saw them. Jordan their keyboardist who had a hair cut today with us joked with us as last time we were at Leeds with them we painted them as animals for their stage show. This year though they need to be taken seriously so no more tigers !

DJ Fresh
We have been pinging all over the site today visiting peeps in the other stages – we bumped into DJ Fresh at the Dance tent who is sporting an amazing new bleached ‘do’ we cut his hair a few years ago at Radio Ones Big Weekend. He would have had it trimmed with us today but he was worried his fabulous flamboyant hairdresser would be offended and shout at him for ruining his do.
Baby Metal with manager Alix

Our favourite band of the day by far were Baby Metal we want to take them home with us they are the cutest thing ever waving and giggling all over the backstage. Their dancers and band were sporting some epic scary face paint – seriously eery…

Its all about the girls here on site today with Azealia Banks headlining in the 1xtra tent and Vanity Van regular Miss Dynamite in full effect – she loves her massages and we dropped off some lush NYX goodies to them both earlier. Edgy Charlie XCX is also set to smash the Dance stage and we had her Bass player in for massaging post head banging sessions last night at Reading to Metallicas set.

Elliphant post NYX makeover and manicure then with the band after she had hairstyling too !
Swedish singer Elliphant popped in this afternoon she was an absolute hoot she was ‘waxing’ lyrical over waxing… literally ! She says that’s the only thing anyone in Sweden ever wants – they are prob way too super beautiful already!. She said she wouldn’t be showing us her *** hole today ! We gave her a manicure and a stunning NYX face art makeover. She asked us “don’t make it photo shoot make it lifestyle!”We had all of Fidlar in for massages and vocalist Zach was joking he’d already had his face art done as he was sporting a beautiful black eye… apparently falling out with the Bass player over a shower towel ! They were a right laugh and had girlee flower face art, glitter and Zac even had NYX Angel lipstick applied.

Regulars Twin Atlantic popped in to say hello they are swinging by before their set later for their usual hair cuts and massages. They have been super busy on tour feet not touched the ground in the last couple of years.

And so ends another epic season – big thank you to our utterly amazing team for wowing the artists with their creativity and amazing skills. Heres looking forward to next year already….

Many thanks

Alix and the Vanity Van team

All the celeb beauty gossip from Vanity Vans backstage salon at Latitude festival 2015

PRESS RELEASE – Latitude festival post event report

Vanity Van featured backstage at Latitude this weekend in the 6 music dressing room village tending to all the hair, makeup and beauty needs of the artists and performers



What a weekend being the 10th edition of Latitude they pulled out all the stops with secret gigs left right and centre and a superb line up coupled with their usual eclectic mix of arts, culture, comedy and creativity that only Latitude knows how to do best.

This weekend was all about the surprise gigs and celeb spotting – the site was buzzing after late night impromptu sets from Ed Sheeran, Thom Yorke from Radio head and Snow Patrol on the uber cool Other Voices stage. Ed Sheeran was on site every night and actually out in the festival on Sunday night. Most amazing bit of goss of the weekend was our team spotting Johnny Depp bowling around the backstage yesterday sporting a sharp suit and a typical johnny hat – we didn’t stop him as we didn’t quite believe he would be here until we heard the rumours that its actually true !!!! opportunity missed 🙁

We were inundated in our backstage salon at Latitude word spread like wildfire this weekend our professional team were seriously delivering the goods and we had the artists flocking in for everything from makeovers to massages to hair cuts. Portishead and the Vaccines were some of the biggest acts to hear about our services and we had the singer, guitarist and drummer in from both bands for treatments.

Freddie guitarist of the Vaccines post hair cutPortishead with salon owner Alix post massages





Portishead                                                                    Freddie from the Vaccines

It was a lot of fun backstage the weather was been kind and its been a real family weekend backstage with lots of children running around creating havoc and nicking our haribos and crazy entourages doing head stands to dry their pedicures and did you hear about the drone???

Headline sets from Portishead with classics from Dummy drawing the crowd into a melancholy trance and Noel Gallaghers High flying birds blew the crowd away with his closing rendition of Don’t look back in anger.

This weekend we are getting creative with make up. Festival beauty looks galore experimenting and pushing the boundaries. We have teamed up with pro make up brand NYX Cosmetics and have been using their kit on the artists and press to create everything from flawless beauty looks to high impact stage make up.

Vanity van Denai having a NYX makeover

Vanity van make up Nao




         Mahalia having a makeover                                                                Nao post makeover

We crafted sugar skulls, tribal body art, drag queen stage show looks and stunning floral creations. We perfected stunning NYX makeovers for the likes of the Nao, Mahalia, Dolores Hayes and ladies of the moment French Cuban the Ibeyi twins Lisa and Naomi. 

They graced the cover of the Times on Saturday and came in for all sorts of treatments they are such different personalities with a really edgy style – Lisa is very bubbly and smiley Naomi typically sullen French but lovely none the less – they loved our NYX lipsticks and makeovers and had plaits and manicures too. They had just flown over from a gig in Dublin and hated the weather over there.Vanity van Ibeyi twins after manicures and hairstyling

Ibeyi twins post makeover and manicures with our manager Valentino

Singer Mahalia loved our products saying that NYX felt amazingly soft on the skin and raved her butter gloss finished look. Vanity van Make up MahaliaMahalia having a NYX makeover

We were as always been inundated for mens hair cuts seeing the likes of Freddie The Vaccines guitarist, Matt La Rouxs Bass player, Summer Camp, Django Django, The Districts, Soak and Black River for restyles and trims.

The furiously up and coming Years & Years were a lot of fun lounging around in our waiting room for hours Michael the bass player having very manly blow dry and the others having hair cuts and massages.54 - Years & Years hanging out in our waiting room

We had lots of laughs with La Roux and her band she was super cool effortless style in a beautiful Asian style blue two piece. This woman is stunning without a drop of make up and such epic hair.



Vanity van La Roux post massage

La Roux post massage

She was telling us about one of their techs who was in a lot of trouble for leaving her to go on stage without a micro phone…. Rooky error they planned to massively stitch him up today she had bought a oxfam style blu chiffon vintage dress from the site to make him over with us as a drag queen we are waiting with baited breath for him to be delivered to us!

They chatted about the trouble with tour buses with countless stories of bunk bed shenanigans, fun with gin and near misses on the road… They were all shattered from touring having just come from Melt festival in Belgium and had lots of luxurious massages and the bassist had a restyle.

Massage won though hands down today with the usual tour stresses and strains on the bands desperate for some relief from their aches and pains with some of them coming back twice !

JP Cooper got our invite tweet and came bounding over for a head, neck and shoulder massage he’d been travelling on trains from Bath to London yesterday carrying a couple of guitars and bags and completely done his back in – its not all stardom and fame in this game !

Vanity van JP Cooper post massage

JP Cooper with our therapist Charlotte

Hilarious point of the weekend were the band Drenge who started explaining about this new telepathic system they use to communicate on stage and proceeded to demonstrate it to us using dominos – they nailed it every time trying to work out how they duped us !

Vanity van Bryan lead singer of Stornaway having a hair cutThe guys from Stornaway were hilarious having everything from beard trims to hair cuts and they bet the keyboardist a fiver to be painted as a tiger for his set – and he was game – not sure the humiliation was worth a fiver tho…

Until next year latitude….

All the beauty gossip from Vanity Van’s Glastonbury salon 2015

PRESS RELEASE Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon post event report


Vanity Van had their biggest salon yet for their seventh year trading at Glastonbury this year. But this year our salon in a field has smashed all records from previous years, based in the John Peel area of the festival.


2 - Wide angle of salon

We are reminiscing in the midst of packing up after yet another superb Glastonbury. Our 7th year on site as always demand surpassed all expectations and the salon was fully booked Fri and Saturday before we landed. With almost 2000 clients in 5 days, our salon in a field has smashed all records from previous years – maybe we should apply for the Guinness book of records next year!

10a - NYX wedding makeover 2

Makeovers were in hot demand this weekend, we have a glorious new NYX cosmetics kit which we used to beautify four… yes four ! clients with stunning natural beauty looks who were due to get married on site. For the more adventurous we blended some beautiful smokey eye effects and edgy festival looks using NYX jumbo metallic eye pencils, butter gloss lips and our customers loved their matte effect lippy giveaways. The best seller of the weekend for the more creative edge was the glitter look which we sold in droves to men and women alike – shimmer is most definitely in Demand for luscious festival locks was insane so we added more hair stations and staffing to tend to the shower area and queues to ensure the services worked like a dream and our regulars left super  happy!

6 - Glitter makeovers  Vanity van Glitter makeovers   12 - NYX giveaways

We were inundated with demands for curly blows from the northern contingent onsite and as usual the Glastonbury weather tested us with frequent downpours followed by glorious sunshine which soaked us one minute burnt the next – we swear Glastonbury has its own crazy micro climate! As a result weather resistant plaits were the order of the day and we got through tonnes of super strength hair spray fixing in victory rolls and quiffs to make them last in the showers.

Vanity van Plaits

Our new undercover shower area sported pump showers with hot water on tap and a luscious range of Jason Natural Products shampoos and conditioners for clients to choose from. They are bio degradable to ensure we leave no footprint on Worthy farms eco system. ‘Save the farm’

Man pampering is on the up and we road tested new luxury wet shave treatments, hot towel facials, beard trims and moustache grooming on the festival crowd. The team love a good beard! Guys were also getting involved with the hair obsessions the team did a ton of male hair cuts – skin fades are particularly popular at the moment and they even got involved in the braiding.Vanity van Luxury wet shaves

We were so busy at the salon the team hardly got to see a single act but we heard Lionel Richie was an absolute legend if not a little squiffy on stage and Kayne shocked the world with his declaration of being the greatest rockstar ever… really… Rumours had it that Prince Harry was on site we wonder what he got up to in his Glastonbury adventures…

The team are knackered but loved every second and cannot wait for our next adventures backstage at Latitude and Leeds festivals

Vanity Van features at Confex 2015

Press release for Confex 2015 – Vanity Van – bringing the VIP beauty experience to events and campaigns across the UK

Vanity Van massage  Vanity Van Hair styling

Add the VIP experience to any event with this specialist mobile beauty service. With 7 years in the business Vanity Van are experts in delivering premium beauty activations in every conceivable location. The team combine glamorous treatments with relaxing holistic and beauty therapies. Perfect for those added extras that get people talking – everyone loves to look good and be pampered – even your gentlemen guests! Men are one of VV’s biggest growing client base and the team are bang on trend with the upsurge in male grooming by introduced a host of new treatments to their repertoire to cater for the metrosexual male.

As well as delivering entertainment packages for corporate and private guests Vanity Van have toured hundreds of high profile public events. They regularly run large activations in arenas/campsites and work back stage with the artists and celebrities at events such as BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Glastonbury, the Grand Prix, Leeds and Latitude festivals to name a few…

Vanity Van have worked with many brands and corporations including BBC, H&M, Google, Yahoo, Virgin, Sky, Echo Falls, TK Maxx, Barclays, ITV, Booker, Butlins, Festival Republic and GSK. Their services and ‘story’ have been featured on the BBC news, Radio one, The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Heat magazine, Cosmopolitan, Harpers bazaar, Q Magazine, Company, Now magazine and many more…

This year sees the launch of their exciting new sister company EXPPR and sees the Vanity Van & the EXPPR team link up with big brands for large scale experiential salon tours delivering customer rewards in retail environments for H&M, in concert environments for Butlins and in festival and city based environments for high profile hair and beauty brands. More news regarding these tours will be released soon…

Vanity Van indoor salonConfex regular Vanity Van is kicking off their 2015 season with a fresh focus – brand new indoor salon set ups with stunning lit black lacquer hair/make up mirrors, stylish black barbers’ and make up chairs and ergonomically designed nail stations. There is also a new fleet of made to measure airstream salons and a fabulous new male pampering range including luxury wet shaves, hot towel facials, barbering, moustache and beard grooming and shiny buff ‘man’icures.Man hair cut

Offering the glam touch with hair cuts/styling, make up, eyelashes and creative body art; beauty indulgence with nails, tanning, facials, eyebrows; and holistic remedies such as massage and reflexology. They will advise on what works best for your clientele, aims, objectives and environment. You can book the staffing alone or the indoor and outdoor salons can be delivered and tailored bespoke to your needs.

The experienced and fun-loving team pride themselves in delivering a highly professional service, advising guests on what suits their look and all the latest trends. Their award winning team are carefully selected for their outstanding skill, passion and customer focused approach. The flexibility of the service is evident when you look at the events they’ve attended previously. Private parties, retail customer rewards, style tours, fashion weeks, client incentives, product launches, festivals, staff rewards, corporate fun days, themed experiences, weddings, conferences, award ceremonies, concerts. The list is endless!

3 - Katy B and Lilly Allen with AlixThey are loved by the biggest names in show biz and music Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Sam Smith, Rudimental and Paulo Nutini have all had the Vanity Van experience as well as a host of presenters including regular customers Fearne Cotton & Dancing on Ice winner Caroline Flack. The team conducted almost 1000 celebrity, artists & presenter treatments in just the last 2 years alone & have worked on big TV shows like Xfactor.

Come along and visit Vanity Van on Prestige Events magazines stand CF61 at this year’s Confex from 18-19 Feb at Olympia, London for all the show biz goss!. Our therapists will be showcasing their skills and offering complimentary hair styling, makeovers, and eyebrow treatments and running a beauty hamper competition.