Beauty from within…

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In today’s culture we see a mass of women going under the knife in order to achieve their idea of perfection. But with an ever changing idea of ‘beauty’ between individuals and generations, we want to find out what some of the most popular procedures are and why women go to such drastic measures.

mobile beauty Even though these procedures can be uncomfortable, expensive and a risk to your health, the industry is continuing to grow.

In 2012 alone, over 42,100 surgical procedures were carried out in the UK, this is an increase of 0.2% on the previous year. Despite this climb being small, the types of procedures are beginning to change with anti-ageing treatments becoming more and more popular.

Popular cosmetic procedures

Breast augmentation is still the most popular procedure for women, which has continued to increase year on year. Despite the previous uproar surrounding the PIP implants affecting thousands, breast enhancement and reductions are almost twice as popular as any other procedure!

The second most popular procedure for women in the UK was blepharoplasty. This is the correction of eye lids or the removal of fatty deposits under the eye. They are generally thought to give an anti-ageing effect and are becoming increasingly popular for both men and women.

The third most popular procedure was face and neck lifts with 4, 700 procedures taking place for women in 2011. Again, this is an anti-ageing surgical procedure that focusses on loose skin around the face and neck.

Beauty from within

Whether it is for the physical or psychological benefit, it is important to understand your own expectations from cosmetic surgery without seeing it as a ‘quick fix’. To help you gain your own pursuit of beauty, self-confidence is key, therefore, we have come up with some tips to help boost your self-confidence;

Stop comparing yourself to other people

No matter how hard you try to mirror your idol, you are unique and should take time to value these qualities that make you different from any other. When you begin to start acknowledging these, you will stop putting yourself down and start focusing on the positives in your life. So, always remember your personal experiences and emotions are something that make you different and shouldn’t be afraid to express them!


Accept compliments and surround yourself with positive people

A lot of our moods can depend on those around us, positive people have an energy that is infectious. Because they feel good about themselves; they help you feel good about yourself. This will help you get into the habit of appreciating your positive attributes and see your self-confidence go soaring!ndt from any contiuning


Do things that you enjoy

As simple as it sounds, taking part in an activity that you are good at or enjoy will soon boost your morale. Activities involving exercise help boost your energy levels in day to day life and releases happy endorphins, giving you an extra spring n your step to smile about.


Help and complement others

Knowing that you are helping others will give you a great deal of personal satisfaction. So let go of any past grudges and give those around you a helping hand, even small  things like a smile or ‘thank you’ can work wonders.


Mix up your look

This doesn’t have to be as drastic as cosmetic surgery, simple steps such as changing your lipstick or wearing a bright shade can make you feel like a whole new person. Embracing your looks as they change over time is a key factor to maintaining your self-confidence and growing old with grace. So don’t worry if you don’t look like a fresh faced 16 year old anymore, many of us don’t! Instead, focus on aspects of yourself that you like, accentuate these and you will soon feel beautiful from within.