Hair Growth: The Facts

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You have on average, 150,000 hairs on your head! And whether they are bursting with life or in need of a little TLC it is worth knowing how hair grows and ways you can keep your hair healthy. So, we have given a little breakdown of how hair grows, how you can maintain it and some of your most iconic hairstyles.

How hair grows

hair growth blogHair grows from the follicle underneath the scalp. The base of the follicle gives your hair the nourishment it needs to grow. There are three stages of this growth;

  1. Anagen – this is the active hair growth stage that lasts around 2-5 years. This determines how long your hair will naturally grow.
  2. Catagen – this is a transition where the hair stops growing, the hair follicle starts to shrink over three weeks.
  3. Telogen – this is a stage of rest where the hair no longer grows. It then sheds and we begin growing a new hair follicle, ready to start the process again!

How you can maintain health hair

Having a good hair day can make you feel 44% more confident, so here are some simple steps that you can take to ensure your hair is at its healthiest during the Anagen growing phase.

Cool down – 95% of women admit to using styling tools. Although these may be quicker and make our lives easier, they can do some real damage when over used. Leaving your hair to dry naturally will make a massive difference and improve the condition in a matter of weeks.

But if you absolutely cannot live without your hair dryer then try turning the heater off, Blistering temperatures will evaporate the moisture in your hair, leaving you with dry frazzled hair that will easily break.

Calm down – Stress is the number one cause for hair loss in women. This isn’t quite literally ‘tearing your hair out’ but stress can accelerate the aging process of your hair in the agaen phase, rushing it into the catagen phase. Therefore, for the sake of your hair (and health!), try to avoid any unnecessary stress and make time in your life for relaxation and fun. Although this may not eliminate the source of stress completely, it will help to restore you to your happy place.

Chow down – The food you put in your body has a massive effect on your hair growth. In order for the follicles to feed through strong and vibrant hair, a balanced diet is essential. Just like your skin, you can see the effect of an unhealthy diet in limp and lifeless hair, so make sure you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals and you will soon see the effects.

Popular styles: The best and the worst

Over the years, we have subjected ourselves to some pretty wacky hair styles, so Viviscal set out to find out what some of your favourite styles were and which ones we would rather forget!

Topping the polls for both men and women’s favourite hairstyle was, ‘The Rachel’. This was an iconic style of the 90’s brought about by Jennifer Anniston’s popular character on FRIENDS. Women all over the world flocked to the hairdressers asking for this shoulder length layers look. Despite this style being loved by millions, Anniston admitted that it was ‘the ugliest hairstyle she’d ever seen’.

On the other end of the spectrum, the 80’s mullet was the men’s least favourite style. Despite this being a unisex style that was at its peak during the punk era; men now see this as a hair style better forgotten about!

The 80’s proved an unpopular decade in the survey, the tight curled perm was the least popular style for women. This was a permanent weaving technique where the inner bonds of your hair were broken down and wrapped around a tight rod. Although, this style has since evolved, meaning that lose perms can be created for the perfect curl!