Post festival skincare

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After all the fun and frolics of a music festival, we wanted to give some advice to help rejuvenate your skin before you return to reality. Check out these skincare tips….

Once the music stops, the insomnia, dehydration and dirt can wreak havoc on even the most flawless skin. Particularly, if make-up has been left on or you’ve been rolling around in the mud!
Therefore, to stop an amazing festival leaving you with unnecessary acne or blocked pores, here is a simple step-by-step guide to clear away any leftover dirt and leave your face feeling refreshed.

1. The first step is removing the weekend’s built up dirt; to do this, you will need some cotton wool, a deep cleanser and warm water. Use the cotton wool to spread the cleanser over your face. It will help to melt away any dirt and begin to rehydrate your skin. Then splash you face with warm water to wash the impurities away; the warm water will then open your pours to ensure a deep clean.

2. From this, using an exfoliating scrub will remove deeply embedded dirt that has built up over the weekend and clear away any dead skin cells. Be careful not to irritate your skin when using a scrub (especially if you’ve been in the sun all weekend); using your fingertips, gently massage the beads in small, circular motions. Again, wash this off with luke-warm water.
3. If your skin is particularly dry after a festival then a facemask will help revitalise it. Using a hydrating facemask will reclaim any lost moisture and restore your skins natural glow. It is important to use a mask that will not cause irritation to your skin; if you are using a product that you have not tried before then you should test the mask on a small area of skin to see your skins reaction.

4. Once the right mask has been decided, apply for the instructed about of time. Once set, gently peel away and dab away excess residue using a damp towel.
5. You can then use a toner with some cotton wool to remove any deep setting parts of the mask and restore your skin to its natural PH level. Using a toner also helps to close your pores which can also be done by splashing your face with cold water (this is why your face sometimes feels tight after a cold shower!).
6. Once this is done, applying moisturiser will help to enhance a supple and healthy look. Try to do this within three minutes after splashing your face as it will lock in as much moisture as possible and keep your skin feeling and looking hydrated.
Vanity Van has plenty of tips to offer you about individual skin type and House of Fraser has also asked some beauty experts for their top tips in skin rejuvenation. So, although the festival fun may be over for this year, you can return to reality feeling fresh and with your skin glowing!