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Summer skincare our teams must-haves- beat the summer heat

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Summer Skincare Must-HavesWith summer officially upon us it’s the time to rethink your summer skincare routine. When the weather is hot and humid, your skin may experience more oil than usual and is more vulnerable to sun damage, so tweaking your usual regime can help you score clear, glowing skin this summer. Check out these summer skin care tips to keep your skin hydrated and protected in the heat. 

Sweat, bacteria, and heavy sun creams can cause our skin to break out if we don’t treat it right after a long day in the sun. When a sweat-induced breakout is on the horizon, reduce lumps and bumps with a glycolic mask once or twice a week. These exfoliating masks refine and smooth skin texture that’s irritated by sun and help to reduce the likelihood of blemishes and breakouts resurfacing. Body acne is also common during sweatier, humid months as your body produces more oil. Washing in the morning with an acne-fighting body wash and following up with anti-blemish pads can help to reduce inflammation of the skin and unclog pores. Goodbye acne, and welcome flawless, glowing Summer skin!   

Although we recommend wearing SPF all year round, it should definitely be an essential step in your Summer skincare routine. A lot of sun-creams can be heavy and greasy on your skin, which can contribute to breakouts and shine throughout the warmer months. Swap your SPF for a lightweight serum that will soak into skin underneath your makeup without leaving a casper white cast. Sun protection doesn’t just stop at the skin, but the sensitive skin along your hairline can get neglected when it comes to SPF application. Apply a scalp sunscreen over damp hair by working the product from the scalp through the layers after getting out of the shower. Scalp SPF is extremely lightweight and works to replenish any depleted moisture whilst protecting your hair from the harmful UV rays. 

Summer Skincare Healthy SkinAntioxidant-rich skincare products can offer massive benefits for the appearance of your skin by fighting visible signs of ageing and aiding the recovery of sun-damaged skin. If your skin is looking a little dull and lifeless in the morning opt for a cleanser with lycopene as it promotes collagen and protects against cell damage. For your daily moisturiser, bring out the big guns with an multi-purpose, antioxidant infused day cream. Long gone are the days of applying a multitude of products to achieve sun defence, moisture, and colour correction, because this hero product does it all. With all of these beneficial properties, it is impossible to deny the superiority of antioxidants in skincare. 

What are your Summer skincare must-haves?

summer makeup

Summer makeup looks perfect the sunkissed look

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First in our blog series of summer looks our team have come up with some simple summer makeup hints and tips so you can recreate the latest looks.

The key to summer makeup starts with that elusive lit-from-within dewy skin glow. We all want it, and we’ve all at some point or another tried to get it by slathering on glitter filled makeup products that promise a J low glow – but end up looking more like a disco ball!. Dewy skin looks natural and youthful – to master this look you will need a good quality foundation and an excellent skincare regime. Ensure you exfoliate, use a hydrating moisturiser and drink plenty of water.

summer makeupBegin by using a glowing primer to ensure the skin glows from underneath your foundation. Sparingly apply a lightweight foundation or bb cream using a tapping motion and a damp beauty blender – blend, blend and blend some more.

For areas that require more coverage apply a liquid concealer dabbing gently with a finger for perfect coverage. Set any shiny areas with a translucent pressed powder. Add some liquid bronzer to areas that naturally catch the sun to warm up the skin and give a super sun-kissed glow. Finish with some rosy peachy pink cream blush to the apple of the cheeks and dab the same colour onto the lips for a natural lip stain. A touch of highlighter on areas which catch the light such as the tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and just above the brows and cupids bow will offer that sun-kissed shimmer – however, remember for this look less is more!

summer makeup
Apply an eyeshadow primer to your lids before applying any eye makeup – without a primer your shadow will crease. For an easy eye look, apply a wash of shimmery eyeshadow all over the lids, use a neutral, bronze tone, finishing the look with your favourite mascara.

Set the look with a finishing spray to hold the summer glow in place for those balmy evenings. Allowing your inner beauty to shine through…

Loving the new henna craze this summer?

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The history of Henna

Traditionally Henna is well known in India and the Middle East for occasions such as holidays, birthdays and weddings. Now the trend has spread worldwide. Today henna is being used a lot more for fashion and creative purposes. If you can’t bear to go through the pain of getting permanently inked, henna is a great temporary alternative.White Henna hand designs

Instagram is full of bloggers, beauty entrepreneur’s and celebrities such as Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Vanessa Hudgens and Cody Simpson showing off their new temporary tattoo designs.

With festival season on our doorstep, many festival goers are turning to henna to complete their look and help them to stand out from the crowd. The Vanity Van Team can bring these techniques to your next event or campaign and help your guests to stand out from the crowd too!white Henna hand designs

Henna is a paste made out of crushed leaves from guess what? A plant called henna! The henna plant is found and grown in South Asian and North African countries. Once the paste is applied to skin and left for a few hours, it then leaves a stain to the skin which can last from 7 to 14 days. White henna is applied in the same way and for Golden henna once you have applied the paste, brush a layer of mehron powder over the pattern and brush off the excess to create that metallic look.

The current henna trend

We have recently been drawn to the beautiful white and gold henna trend, a beauty bloggers favourite, which looks great with a tan and summer outfits.

metallic Henna designsWhite henna

White henna look gives a delicate finish, as if lace has been applied to the skin. This trend started in the Middle East where brides opted for white, instead of the traditional brown. To attend your summer events in style, team your white henna look with a white outfit and a pale coloured pastel nail varnish.

Golden henna

Also known as a metallic henna. This look is very elegant and feminine. This trend has come from Dubai, from a renowned Japanese jewellery designer Nobuhiko Akatsuka. Golden henna will give you a fabulous shine at the special events you have planned.


Henna painting techniques and their significance

When people get their very first henna, they tend to start off with a more universal design until they find one more tailored to them. Designs such as butterflies, flowers, mandalas, YingYang and stars are among the more common designs.

While henna has become an art, there are hidden meanings behind certain designs and where on the body it is. Dependent on where you get the henna, it can hold a significance. For instance, having a design on your hand signifies an offering from you to the world, while, on the back of your hand signifies protection.


How to book

We can provide make up artists to deliver these fantastic treatments into any event or campaign anywhere in the UK drop us a line at to discuss the details.

All the beauty gossip from Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon 2014

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PRESS RELEASE Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon post event report

 Vanity Van had their biggest salon yet for their sixth year trading at Glastonbury this year. Based in the John Peel area of the festival the operation has been doubled in size this year to cope with the insane demand from festival goers.

The Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon received over 800 pre-bookings from as far away as Australia and Dubai. The clients and rain both came in floods to use our hero Batiste products and to make the most of our DIY stations to resurrect those damp frizzy locks.


Along with the massive downpours of rain came the inevitable electrical problems but the team pulled together to resolve the resulting back ups juggling around appointments and delivering piping hot teas and coffees to cold, wet customers squeezing together under the salon roof to protect their newly styled hair. Even Rudimental’s set was cut short on the Pyramid stage when the electrical storm started. We clocked 10 inches of rainfall in less than an hour. But Glasto wouldn’t be Glasto without a bit of torrential rain…


Vanity Van had the biggest alfresco salon ever trading at Glastonbury featuring 9 stylist stations and 13 DIY slots which were fully booked all day Friday and Saturday and in total saw almost 1700 customers in their record breaking salon over the weekend. Plaits and glitter face art were the two main trends this year with festival goers coming in their hundreds in need of colourful sparkly face makeup and boho style plaited updo’s.


Bouffants, big hair and curls were also hugely popular which the team used Pixie Lott’s fun and floral to give hair that clean, fresh look and leave it smelling gorgeous. To create quiffs volume and general body we used buckets of XXL Plumping Powder. Express hair styling was a popular request this weekend where hair was getting frazzled in the baking sun then the next minute being rained on and left a frizzy mess. Our stylists used Batistes conditioning mist which contains Argan oil to smooth out the flyaways and add back some much needed condition to the ends.

customer with facepaint

Glitter was found in unimaginable places around the salon and campsite as punters were throwing it over each other and sharing it via hugs like some sort of contagious bug. Some clients were asking for a dash of glitter as a reminder of the festival when they got home so people in the office would know they had been. Others didn’t even realise they had it anywhere on their body until we pointed it out. Face paints over the eye were popular for the women and children we had in the salon and one customer even had Dolly Parton drawn onto her cheek as she was a big fan, we added glitter too of course! Other face paints included full face sugar skulls and a special birthday tiger for a lucky customer!

image of facepaint

Our hair wash stations were incredibly popular and welcomed a wide range of clients including staff on site and people of all ages wanting that fresh feeling that only a hair wash can give. Our assistant manager Graham was on hand with jugs of warm water to speed up the system when the queues reached an all time high level. Our new power pump showers proved a success and gave our clients fast, powerful hair washes.

image of man pouring water over womans head

Massages were also very popular for those tired aching muscles after the first day of torturous, gruelling work getting the tents put up, although luckily it wasn’t yet raining at this point. The team were digging their feet deep into the sticky mud that overtook the salon to massage the clients at a good pressure and aid sore backs, necks and shoulders. Also Sunday saw a mass influx of battered festival goers who after 3 days of trudging around in the mud were in agony.

man having massage

We had lots of regulars and repeat customers this weekend including celebrity Angel Haze. She came in for her personal favourite the luxury makeover shes also a fan of a massage and supped lemon honey tea while she had her treatments. She left with bouncy, glamorous curls and bold makeup to go on stage later in the day.

angel haze having makeup done

Another regular Caroline Flack also booked in but didn’t turn up, maybe that had something to do with the torrential rain? Or maybe she was just hungover…

The team were really happy to see that The Kooks were revealed as the “TBA” acts on Sunday at the John Peel stage next door to the salon. The girls were all dancing and singing along to their music which we could just about hear from the salon. The Kooks were visitors to the Vanity Van at Radio Ones Big Weekend.

queue at glasto

Dolly Parton surprised the crowd with a miniature diamond encrusted saxophone and performed the Benny Hill theme song which had everyone laughing and joining in. She never fails to entertain her fans.
 It was a crazy, fun-filled week for all involved. Glastonbury didn’t fail to deliver both rain and happy punters definitely its best one yet. The team are already looking forward to to next years event.


The Vanity Van salon are poised and ready for their next adventure at Latitude Festival and will also be backstage at Leeds and front of house at Rewind.

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All the beauty gossip from Vanity Vans salon at Isle of Wight festival 2014

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Vanity Van featured at Isle of Wight festival this weekend taking prime position on route between the campsite and the arena delivering an array of hair, make up, beauty and massage treatments to the festival goers.

 Vanity Van at Isle of Wight

Vanity Van had an awesome weekend at Isle of Wight Festival 2014, and loved being back at one of their all time favourite festivals. The public lapped up being pampered and styled in the sun by the therapists who were armed with all the latest Batiste Dry Shampoo products. The baking sun brought in the happy festival goers in their droves so that they could achieve the latest festival trends, beauty looks and hair styles and was definitely the place to be seen at Isle of Wight.

Vanity Van at Isle of Wight

Vanity Van was situated in the main thoroughfare through to the festival from the campsite so the punters could swing by on their way into the festival and see their favourite acts confident they were looking their best.


One of the biggest trends of the festival were plaits. Customers booked in in their droves for them in all shapes and sizes with the retro festival look featuring a braid along the crown being the most popular. Finished off with a bit of Batiste Conditioning Mist to tame flyaway’s and leave a sleek finish made it easy for the customers to look as glamorous at a festival as the celebrities.

Vanity Van at Isle of WightVanity Van at Isle of Wight

Face painting as always was a very popular treatment with fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers flocking in to get their face painted with the bands logo and glittery chillis on the face. Saturday saw a sharp intake of England fans wanting the England flag face paint, ready for the World Cup game later that evening. And florals were huge this weekend with many fans sporting gorgeous floral headbands and having face and body art to match.

 Vanity Van at Isle of WightVanity Van at Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight also gave Vanity Van a chance to see some of their celebrity customers perform, Katy B and her dancers who are regular customers tore up the Big Top on Friday night. Her high energy set had everyone jumping around.

 Vanity Van at Isle of Wight

And let’s not forget the boys we saw many male customers throughout the weekend for male hair styling and even manicures. Man of the moment John Newman gave a superb performance on Saturday afternoon after having Batiste’s XXL Plumping Powder used on him at an earlier event so that his bouffant hair would hold up for his performance. He certainly knows how to rock that quiff!

Vanity Van featuring back at Isle of Wight festival 2014

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We are very happy to announce Vanity Van will be featuring once more at Isle of Wight festival 2014. We will be offering hair cuts and styling, make up, face / body art, nails, facials, waxing, tanning and massage to members of the public and will be situated in the main thoroughfare into the festival from the campsite.


isle of wight festival

Booking system


We have built a brand new booking system this year to enable you to book your own appointments with ease. Please find below all the information you need about the salon and how to book with us this year.


Pricing for 2014


Batiste XXL Plumping Powder

Please see below for our latest price list. Prices have gone up by a couple of pounds this year due festivals now charging VAT for the site however all hair customers will receive an amazing FREE gift from Batiste Dry Shampoo of a XXL Plumping Powder (worth £3.99) and all other clients will receive a Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry 50 ml (worth £1.99).

Please note within the booking system as payments are taken online either via paypal we have had to add a small 4% charge into the featured price – but you can see the actual price on the description of the treatment.


You will also see our festival recovery packages on the price list – there was no way of adding these to the appointment schedule due to the multiple treatment options so if you would like these please email back all the info and we will book it in manually for you.


How to book and pay


To book please click on this link – payment is taken during the booking process using paypal. If you don’t have a paypal account you can still pay through paypal using a debit card using their Account optional service.


You can book multiple appointments per person on the same or different days BUT for different people you must book separately as we need all of your contact details and booking – so please forward this email onto your friends so they can book and pay for their own appointments individually.


Hair appointment times


You book the hair appointment for the time of the styling slot – don’t forget you will need to arrive 20-25 mins early to book in for your 15 min washing slot if you are using our Do It Yourself washing facilities before your DIY styling slot or your styling with a hairdresser slot.


Booking more than one treatment or for multiple people


If you want to book more than one type of treatment one after another on a particular day simply select all those you want then book the start time of those treatments.


If you want to book multiple slots for the same treatment on different days click on the recurring appointments option at the end and it will allow you to select extra days.


Salon site


Our salon will be based in the John Peel area towards the end of the row of shops by the entrance to Silver Hayes and the wall of flag installation. We will send out formal confirmation of this and any landmarks visible to help you find us once we are on site and set up on Mon/Tues.


Arrival times


Please arrive for ALL appointments 5 minutes early to book in and to allow for queues as the salon gets very busy.


For ALL hair appointments where you have booked a wash please arrive 20-25 minutes early – this is because a 15 minute slot is allocated before your hair appointment for you to wash if you wish.

Hair washing facilities

If you have booked for a hair appointment with a wash we will have a selection of battery operated shower heads and pump action shower heads to enable you to wash your own hair into sinks and tubs.

We will have extra urns heating water from 5.30am this year however we cannot promise the water will always be hot later on in the day due to the huge demand and also electricity restrictions mean we cannot run all the heaters once the hair dryers are on.


You are however welcome to either shower before you come to us or use our showers to wash your own hair.


We provide all shampoo and conditioner. Please remember to bring your own towel.


We look forward to seeing you at the festival!


Festival price list 2014


Salon treatments



With a stylist

Express hair styling – dry styling only – £221 - Vanity van hair styling

Basic hair styling includes DIY wash – £32 – suitable for med/thick and long/fine hair

Luxury hair styling includes DIY wash – suitable for thick, long hair or hair with extensions – £42


Hair cut and style – POA normally around £48 for female cut and £27 for male


Do It Yourself options – use our equipment and products including the full Batiste Dry Shampoo range

DIY wash and style – £19 (includes 15 min slot for wash and 15 min slot for styling)

Double DIY wash and style – £29 (includes 15 min slot for wash and 30 min slot for styling)

DIY hair styling- £14 (includes 15 min slot for styling)

Double DIY hair styling – £24 (includes 30 min slot for styling)


Make up

Express eye makeover or touch up – £172 - Vanity Van make up

Basic makeover – £25

Luxury makeover with face art or false eyelashes – £32




Face art / Body art

Using make up, face/body paints, glitters, diamantes etc..

Mini design – £9face-art-stars

Small design – £11

Medium design – £13

Large design – £15

Extra large design – £30



Fitted by our stylists full range of amazing feather, diamante, colour and natural eyelashes

False eyelashes – £15;   2 pairs £28;   3 pairs £39;   4 pairs £48

Individual lashes – £20

3 - Vanity van eyelashes


Mini face art and eyelashes – £21

Medium face art and eyelashes – £25

Small face art and eyelashes – £23


 (Express includes file, shape and paint; Basic includes express plus cuticle work; Luxury includes basic plus soak and massage)


Express Manicure – £177 - Vanity Van nails

Basic Manicure – £25

Luxury Manicure – £32


Express Pedicure – £25

Basic Pedicure – £32

Luxury Pedicure – £39


Gel polish

Application only – £35

with a basic manicure – £48

with a basic pedicure – £53



*full body massage within our private treatment room


Hand or foot massage – £12IMG_9691

Express refresh – £14

Rapid Relax – £19

Intensive unwind* – £29

Complete revival* – £39


Beauty Treatments



 (Express includes exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise; Basic includes express plus massage; Luxury includes basic plus a deep cleansing mask)


Express Facial – £29

Basic Facial – £39

Luxury Facial – £49




Eyebrow shaping with tweezers – £10


Body treatments

 (Express includes exfoliating body scrub; Basic includes express plus mask on problem areas; Luxury includes basic plus a 20 minute massage)


Express Body treatment – £29

Basic Body treatment – £39

Luxury Body treatment – £49


All in one face and body treatment – £69



Full leg – £36

Half leg; ¾ leg; Bikini line including Brazilian and Hollywood – £29

Underarm; Upper Lip; Chin and eyebrows – £15 each or 2 for £29

n.b. threading is also available at selected events



(Express tan is hand applied on arms, legs and face; Luxury tan is a full body mitt applied tan)

Express tan – £15

Luxury tan – £32




Express Festival recovery package – £54 – a quick all over body fix! – mix and match 4 of the following treatments:


DIY wash and style; express eye makeover; express refresh massage; express tan OR express manicure.


Basic Festival recovery package – £79 spoil yourself! – mix and match 4 of the following treatments:


Express hair styling; basic makeover; rapid relax massage; express tan, basic manicure or express pedicure.


Luxury Festival recovery package – £109 the complete overhaul! – mix and match 4 of the following treatments:


Basic Hair styling; luxury makeover; intensive unwind massage; luxury tan; express facial, Gel polish app only, luxury manicure or basic pedicure


Multiple treatments – bulk book for the weekend or together with friends!

Choose any combination or number of the following treatments –

  • Hair styling including DIY wash
  • Luxury make over with face art or eyelashes
  • Intensive unwind massage
  • Luxury Manicure
  • Basic Pedicure
  • Express Facial
  • Luxury tan
  • Red Carpet manicure application


£59 for two treatments

£84 for three treatments

£109 for four treatments

£129 for five treatments