All the beauty gossip from Vanity Van’s Glastonbury salon 2015

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PRESS RELEASE Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon post event report


Vanity Van had their biggest salon yet for their seventh year trading at Glastonbury this year. But this year our salon in a field has smashed all records from previous years, based in the John Peel area of the festival.


2 - Wide angle of salon

We are reminiscing in the midst of packing up after yet another superb Glastonbury. Our 7th year on site as always demand surpassed all expectations and the salon was fully booked Fri and Saturday before we landed. With almost 2000 clients in 5 days, our salon in a field has smashed all records from previous years – maybe we should apply for the Guinness book of records next year!

10a - NYX wedding makeover 2

Makeovers were in hot demand this weekend, we have a glorious new NYX cosmetics kit which we used to beautify four… yes four ! clients with stunning natural beauty looks who were due to get married on site. For the more adventurous we blended some beautiful smokey eye effects and edgy festival looks using NYX jumbo metallic eye pencils, butter gloss lips and our customers loved their matte effect lippy giveaways. The best seller of the weekend for the more creative edge was the glitter look which we sold in droves to men and women alike – shimmer is most definitely in Demand for luscious festival locks was insane so we added more hair stations and staffing to tend to the shower area and queues to ensure the services worked like a dream and our regulars left super  happy!

6 - Glitter makeovers  Vanity van Glitter makeovers   12 - NYX giveaways

We were inundated with demands for curly blows from the northern contingent onsite and as usual the Glastonbury weather tested us with frequent downpours followed by glorious sunshine which soaked us one minute burnt the next – we swear Glastonbury has its own crazy micro climate! As a result weather resistant plaits were the order of the day and we got through tonnes of super strength hair spray fixing in victory rolls and quiffs to make them last in the showers.

Vanity van Plaits

Our new undercover shower area sported pump showers with hot water on tap and a luscious range of Jason Natural Products shampoos and conditioners for clients to choose from. They are bio degradable to ensure we leave no footprint on Worthy farms eco system. ‘Save the farm’

Man pampering is on the up and we road tested new luxury wet shave treatments, hot towel facials, beard trims and moustache grooming on the festival crowd. The team love a good beard! Guys were also getting involved with the hair obsessions the team did a ton of male hair cuts – skin fades are particularly popular at the moment and they even got involved in the braiding.Vanity van Luxury wet shaves

We were so busy at the salon the team hardly got to see a single act but we heard Lionel Richie was an absolute legend if not a little squiffy on stage and Kayne shocked the world with his declaration of being the greatest rockstar ever… really… Rumours had it that Prince Harry was on site we wonder what he got up to in his Glastonbury adventures…

The team are knackered but loved every second and cannot wait for our next adventures backstage at Latitude and Leeds festivals

Check out our top tips for summer plaiting

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Plaiting Top tips…

Here are a few tips and hints on how to perfect your plaits and braiding techniques – perfect for summer styles to rock at your local festival…..

  • Head face and shape – Hair is like contouring, for really sticking out ears or a big nose, do not scrape the hair back, have hair up half down style.
  • Hair texture – thickness or thinness will affect the finished plait. Some hair is deceiving; fine hair hung loose can look normal in texture, but when plaited, it can look really thin and wispy. Thick hair can cause problems when sectioning – be as dominant as you can be and keep the hair you are not working with, sectioned out of the way. Hold the hair with good tension and be as firm as you can.
  • Hair density – sometimes hair is too sparse meaning it isn’t thick enough for a particular style.
  • Sectioning and securing – Neat precise clean sections are as important as the plaits themselves even if your plaiting is perfect, if your sections are uneven then your work will not be deemed competent.  To section, you must have a visual plan of the plaiting design and where you want to go.
  • To create the pulled out plait look create your plait as normal and leave a decent section unplaited at the bottom. Band it up in the normal way then pull through the plait and loosen it through to create that deconstructed look.
  • Don’t be afraid to start again. If you start the plait and then feel that you haven’t done it right do not be afraid to start again. If the beginning of the plait starts off poorly it cannot really be recovered later better to start again – remember practice, practice, practice!

   Essential tools

  • water spray and/or products eg gel
  • pin tail comb or a dressing brush
  • sectioning clips
  • wide tooth comb
  • rubber bands to secure the plait.
  • grips / pins if the desired result requires it

 Product tips

  • Sprays – used before and after plaiting hair to keep style in place
  • Serums used before plaiting to secure cuticle scales while plaiting
  • Gels – strong liquid based products used before plaiting which dry and then hold the plait in place
  • Batiste conditioning mist – great to tame fly aways a dry conditioner in a spray
  • Plumping powder and dry shampoo are great for create texture and hold in the root of the hair to help with plaiting

French plait

Vanity van hairstyle french plait

  • Take a small triangle of hair and split into equal sections
  • The outside section is crossed over the centre section of hair.
  • The outside section on the opposite side is crossed over the centre section. Each time an outside section is crossed over the centre section, a new sub section is added in.
  • Repeat


Vanity van hairstyle fishtail

  • Take two equal sections of hair
  • Using you forefingers take a small subsection from the back of left hand section and pass this over to the right hand section. Maintain good tension.
  • Now take a small sub-section from the back of the right hand section and pass this over to the left hand section, maintaining good tension throughout.
  • Repeat this method keeping good tension and small even subsections until all of the hair is plaited.
  • Secure the end with a hairband

Fringe plait

Vanity van hair style fringe plait

  • Loosely tie all of the hair into a ponytail leaving the fringe loose. With a comb section from the temple on one side around 2” into your hair (if the fringe is quite full you may want to go deeper or you can go less if you want a small plait).
  • You now want to section the front section of hair all the way along the head and finishing behind the ear on the other side.
  • This is the hair to plait! you can do french or dutch
  • You can continue this as a normal braid for a little section and pin this behind your ear or continue to the end of your hair!

Double Dutch

Vanity van hair style double dutch

  • Divide the section into three parts – where the middle part is the thickest and the other two sides are thinner.
  • Now take the middle part and again divide into three sub sections. Place the right sub section under the centre, and then place the left sub section under the centre. So basically the braiding begins like a normal one, the only difference is that instead of placing each part over another – you place them under.
  • Now slowly start adding strands from the main right part (the one belonging to the original parting) and add them to the strands of the right sub section (the sub parting which is being used to make the braid) when you are placing them under the centre.
  • Repeat the above step with the left main part and left sub section.
  • Keep on repeating the above two steps till you run out of strands from the main part to add to the Dutch braid. At this stage make a normal braid till you reach the tips of your hair

Side braid

Vanity van hair style side braid

  • Steps 1-3: begin by choosing a deep side part and sweeping it around the back of your crown so the part doesn’t continue down the back of your head.
  • Separate a triangle at the top of your part, divide it into three sections, and french plait
  • When the plait is complete, scoop the remaining hair around to join the french plait.  
  • Now that you have all of your hair in one hand, proceed to turn your french braid into a fishtail
  • Finish it all off by tying up the braid with a hair-tie, and by tugging your hair out here and there to loosen everything up.
  • Spray a bit with some hairspray

Messy braided crown

Vanity van hair style messy braided crown

  • Start with wavy hair. So use wand if needed, if hair is too silky, use dry shampoo to add texture.
  • Divide crown into two sections
  • Start your plait. Instead of passing the pieces above one another, pass them underneath. (i.e. take a piece from the outside, pass it under and into the center) this is called DUTCH Plait
  • Continue plaiting. When you get about two inches behind your ear, continue the plait without adding any more strands. Pin temporarily in place while you work on the other side.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • Take both plaits and tie them together at the back of your head with a clear elastic.
  • Now you can go back and loosen up the plaits a little bit for that carefree look.
  • Pull out a few pieces to frame the face and you’re done!
  • Secure in place with a hair elastic.

Vanity Van features at Confex 2015

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Press release for Confex 2015 – Vanity Van – bringing the VIP beauty experience to events and campaigns across the UK

Vanity Van massage  Vanity Van Hair styling

Add the VIP experience to any event with this specialist mobile beauty service. With 7 years in the business Vanity Van are experts in delivering premium beauty activations in every conceivable location. The team combine glamorous treatments with relaxing holistic and beauty therapies. Perfect for those added extras that get people talking – everyone loves to look good and be pampered – even your gentlemen guests! Men are one of VV’s biggest growing client base and the team are bang on trend with the upsurge in male grooming by introduced a host of new treatments to their repertoire to cater for the metrosexual male.

As well as delivering entertainment packages for corporate and private guests Vanity Van have toured hundreds of high profile public events. They regularly run large activations in arenas/campsites and work back stage with the artists and celebrities at events such as BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Glastonbury, the Grand Prix, Leeds and Latitude festivals to name a few…

Vanity Van have worked with many brands and corporations including BBC, H&M, Google, Yahoo, Virgin, Sky, Echo Falls, TK Maxx, Barclays, ITV, Booker, Butlins, Festival Republic and GSK. Their services and ‘story’ have been featured on the BBC news, Radio one, The Times, The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Heat magazine, Cosmopolitan, Harpers bazaar, Q Magazine, Company, Now magazine and many more…

This year sees the launch of their exciting new sister company EXPPR and sees the Vanity Van & the EXPPR team link up with big brands for large scale experiential salon tours delivering customer rewards in retail environments for H&M, in concert environments for Butlins and in festival and city based environments for high profile hair and beauty brands. More news regarding these tours will be released soon…

Vanity Van indoor salonConfex regular Vanity Van is kicking off their 2015 season with a fresh focus – brand new indoor salon set ups with stunning lit black lacquer hair/make up mirrors, stylish black barbers’ and make up chairs and ergonomically designed nail stations. There is also a new fleet of made to measure airstream salons and a fabulous new male pampering range including luxury wet shaves, hot towel facials, barbering, moustache and beard grooming and shiny buff ‘man’icures.Man hair cut

Offering the glam touch with hair cuts/styling, make up, eyelashes and creative body art; beauty indulgence with nails, tanning, facials, eyebrows; and holistic remedies such as massage and reflexology. They will advise on what works best for your clientele, aims, objectives and environment. You can book the staffing alone or the indoor and outdoor salons can be delivered and tailored bespoke to your needs.

The experienced and fun-loving team pride themselves in delivering a highly professional service, advising guests on what suits their look and all the latest trends. Their award winning team are carefully selected for their outstanding skill, passion and customer focused approach. The flexibility of the service is evident when you look at the events they’ve attended previously. Private parties, retail customer rewards, style tours, fashion weeks, client incentives, product launches, festivals, staff rewards, corporate fun days, themed experiences, weddings, conferences, award ceremonies, concerts. The list is endless!

3 - Katy B and Lilly Allen with AlixThey are loved by the biggest names in show biz and music Lady Gaga, Lily Allen, Sam Smith, Rudimental and Paulo Nutini have all had the Vanity Van experience as well as a host of presenters including regular customers Fearne Cotton & Dancing on Ice winner Caroline Flack. The team conducted almost 1000 celebrity, artists & presenter treatments in just the last 2 years alone & have worked on big TV shows like Xfactor.

Come along and visit Vanity Van on Prestige Events magazines stand CF61 at this year’s Confex from 18-19 Feb at Olympia, London for all the show biz goss!. Our therapists will be showcasing their skills and offering complimentary hair styling, makeovers, and eyebrow treatments and running a beauty hamper competition.

Vanity Vans mobile salon is back for Glastonbury festival 2015

150 150 Vanity Van


We are very happy to announce Vanity Van will be trading once more at Glastonbury festival. This is our seventh year on site and once again we are striving to make further improvements to last years larger set up to deliver the best possible service we can.

VV girls

New features include:

– more stylist and Do It Yourself slots

– two receptions will be run again as this worked very well last year – one for treatments and one for DIY to reduce queuing times

– even more staffing to manage the shower area, assist front of house and conduct treatments

– further equipment – new hair stations and barbers chairs

– additional electric to reduce the chance of power outages and to provide as much hot water as possible throughout the day

– man pampering – wet shaving, hot towel facials and moustache and beard trimming for the boys

Our online booking system enables you to prebook your own appointment with ease. Please find below all the information you need about the salon and how to book with us this year.


Pricing for 2015

Please see below our price list you will notice we have maintained the same prices as last year.

As payments are taken online via paypal we have had to add a small 4% charge into the featured price – but you can see the actual price on the description of the treatment

How to book and pay


To book please click on this link payment is taken during the booking process using paypal If you don’t have a paypal account you can still pay through paypal using a debit card using their Account optional service.


Hair appointment times

You book the hair appointment for the time of the styling slot – don’t forget you will need to arrive 20-25 mins early to book in for your 15 min washing slot if you are using our Do It Yourself washing facilities before your DIY styling slot or your styling with a hairdresser slot.


Booking more than one treatment or for multiple people


If you want to book more than one type of treatment one after another on a particular day simply select all those you want then book the start time of those treatments.


If you want to book multiple slots for the same treatment on different days click on the recurring appointments option at the end and it will allow you to select extra days.


Salon site


Our salon will be based in the John Peel area towards the end of the row of shops by the entrance to Silver Hayes and the wall of flag installation. We will send out formal confirmation of this and any landmarks visible to help you find us once we are on site and set up on Mon/Tues.


Arrival times


Please arrive for ALL appointments 5 minutes early to book in and to allow for queues as the salon gets very busy.


For ALL hair appointments where you have booked a wash please arrive 20-25 minutes early – this is because a 15 minute slot is allocated before your hair appointment for you to wash if you wish.


Hair washing facilities


If you have booked for a hair appointment with a wash we will have a selection of battery operated shower heads and pump action shower heads to enable you to wash your own hair into sinks and tubs.


We will have extra urns heating water from 5.30am this year however we cannot promise the water will always be hot later on in the day due to the huge demand and also electricity restrictions mean we cannot run all the heaters once the hair dryers are on.


You are however welcome to either shower before you come to us or use our showers to wash your own hair.


We provide all shampoo and conditioner as this has to be biodegradable due to Glastonburys new agreement with us to prevent contamination to the farm. Please remember to bring your own towel.


Festival price list 2015


Salon treatments



Express hair styling – dry styling only – £22

Basic hair styling includes DIY wash – £32 – suitable for med/thick and long/fine hair

Luxury hair styling includes DIY wash – suitable for thick, long hair or hair with extensions – £42


Hair cut and style – POA normally around £48 for female cut and £27 for male


Do It Yourself options – use our equipment and products

DIY wash and style – £19 (includes 15 min slot for wash and 15 min slot for styling)

Double DIY wash and style – £29 (includes 15 min slot for wash and 30 min slot for styling)

DIY hair styling- £14 (includes 15 min slot for styling)

Double DIY hair styling – £24 (includes 30 min slot for styling)


Make up

Express eye makeover or touch up – £17

Basic makeover – £25

Luxury makeover with face art or false eyelashes – £32


Face art / Body art

Using make up, face/body paints, glitters, diamantes etc..

Mini design – £9

Small design – £11

Medium design – £13

Large design – £15

Extra large design – £30



Fitted by our stylists full range of amazing feather, diamante, colour and natural eyelashes

False eyelashes – £15;   2 pairs £28;   3 pairs £39;   4 pairs £48

Individual lashes – £20

Mini face art and eyelashes – £21

Small face art and eyelashes – £23

Medium face art and eyelashes – £25



 (Express includes file, shape and paint; Basic includes express plus cuticle work; Luxury includes basic plus soak and massage)


Express Manicure – £17

Basic Manicure – £25

Luxury Manicure – £32


Express Pedicure – £25

Basic Pedicure – £32

Luxury Pedicure – £39


Gel polish

Application only – £35

with a basic manicure – £48

with a basic pedicure – £53



*full body massage within our private treatment room


Hand or foot massage – £12

Express refresh – £14

Rapid Relax – £19

Intensive unwind* – £29

Complete revival* – £39


Beauty Treatments



 (Express includes exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise; Basic includes express plus massage; Luxury includes basic plus a deep cleansing mask)


Express Facial – £29

Basic Facial – £39

Luxury Facial – £49




Eyebrow shaping with tweezers – £10



Full leg – £36

Half leg; ¾ leg; Bikini line including Brazilian and Hollywood – £29

Underarm; Upper Lip; Chin and eyebrows – £15 each or 2 for £29


Man pampering

‘Man’icure – file shape and buff – £15

Beard or moustache trims – £22

Hot towel facial – shave without the shave – £22

Luxury wet shave – £32

We look forward to pampering you !!

Movember wet shaves and beard & moustache styling now on offer!

150 150 Vanity Van


We are very happy to announce that our team are now fully trained in barbering techniques including wet shaving and facial hair styling . These treatments will be available from the 12th November 2014. 

Wet shavingWe will be offering:

  • Luxury wet shaves – 30 min treatment
  • Hot Towel experience – the mans facial using hot towels, luxurious shave oils and creams massage and cologne – like having a shave without the shave – 15 min treatment
  • Moustache and Beard trimming and styling – 15-30 min treatment

Perfect for a Movember themed fund raising event or to bring the pampering focus back to the guys !

We will also be offering these treatments at Glastonbury 2015 !

moustache styling

Book us for corporate parties, client incentives, publicity campaigns, pamper parties, weddings – its time to give the guys some much needed attention…

To book the team simply email or call 07825 875210


Halloween styling hints and tips

150 150 Vanity Van


Check out our hints and tips for Halloween styling – these will be added to throughout October. Our team can be booked for any event around the UK to deliver your own personal scare factor styling or make over your guests for some spooky goings on…. contact Quote VVHALLO to get 15% off your booking !

Halloween tip one – Sugar skulls – these can be full face or half face and are at the more glamorous end of the ‘skull’ factor! Start with a full white face and experiment with colours, patterns, stick on shapes and diamantes and of course glitter !

Halloween styling - sugar skulls

Halloween styling - sugar skullsHalloween styling - sugar skulls


Halloween Tip two – Clowns – The ultimate in freakish fantasy everyone hates scary clowns… some of these will give you nightmares mooo ha ha ha !!!! Go to town with smudged paints, wigs, blood, teeth and gore. The possibilities are endless – Joker esq, Stephen Kings IT like, zombie bobo’s, or a twisted glam get creative !

Halloween styling - Clowns

Halloween styling - Clowns

Halloween styling - Clowns

Halloween Tip three – Dolls – A great one for us girls to take that freakish glam to another level. Whether it be inspired by rag dolls, tim burton, Manga, Saw or a childhood nightmare – there is so much scope here and easy to create the look at home with paints and wigs. Over exaggerate features using eyeshadows and red lipstick, false eyelashes and create fake stitches using face paint.

Halloween styling - Dolls

Halloween styling - Dolls

Halloween styling - DollsHalloween styling - Dolls

Halloween styling - Dolls

Halloween Tip four – Pop art – For something a little bit different come up with your very own pop art character. Go for a brightly coloured wig, white face, add your dots, and outline detail in black. Particularly highlight eyebrows in black and eyes and add white highlights to lips. Finish off with your very own statement speech bubble !

Halloween styling - pop art

Halloween styling - pop art

Halloween styling - pop art

Halloween styling - pop art

Tip five – Monsters – Lets get gruesome !!!! Whether you go for a full face, mask or half face monsters are great fun. Think bright colours – greens, blues, oranges. Paint on creepy snake like eyes, horns, scales and horrific teeth RRRAAARRRRR !!!! 

Halloween styling - monsterHalloween styling - monster

Halloween styling - monsterHalloween styling - monster

Halloween Tip six – Skulls – Time to get spooooookkkkyyyyyy….. Skulls are simple to achieve with black and white paint and really effective. Apply the white first leaving some of the bigger areas for black like the eyes blank. Let the white dry for 15 mins or so to set the paint. Then apply the black detail on top, use shading which is easy to create with a very lightly damp sponge – make sure the sponge is not too wet though. Bring the black up around the jaw line and down the neck to give that hollow effect. A half face also looks wicked! Set the paint with a spritz of hairspray to fix the paint and prevent it sweating off!

Halloween styling - skulls halloween-face-painting-idea-women-skull-black-white images maxresdefault


Halloween Tip seven – Witches !!! so simple to create this look with green face paint, black web and spider detail finished with some shimmer and glitter. You can even go glam ! think Wicked stage show accentuate your eyes with a heavy smokey look, bold eyebrows and make lips pop with green or bright red lippy. We love the witch contouring on pic 2 !

link-halloween-ideas-multi-makeup-wicked-witchhqdefaultgirlie-8-largeHalloween styling - witches

Halloween Tip eight – Pumpkins – These can be as cute or as scary as you like. An Orange base you can either full face or a half face can be fun. Create the teeth detail using black face paint in jagged edges and think hollow eyes… its like something out of a horror film….

Halloween styling - Pumpkins Holiday-face-painting-Scary-Pumpkin maxresdefault Pumpkin-face-paint-idea

Halloween Tip nine – Zombies – Walk of the living dead…. pale, gaunt torn up faces created with white paint and grey and green shading. Fake skin and prosthetics purchased from the fancy dress shop or homemade using corn flour and food colouring are great to make the face look likes its falling off or skeleton and teeth are exposed. Use crazy contacts to create the dead looking eyes and make fake blood to finish off the look with corn syrup, cocoa and red food colouring. 

Halloween styling - Zombie images toronto_zombie-walk_01-540x360

Halloween Tip ten – Vampires – We are loving the glam living dead look!! heavy smokey eyes with a ting of bags for that ‘night owl’ look… Team with a uber pale face with bold eyebrows, spooky contacts, contouring, burgundy high impact lips and off course the obligatory dripping blood and vampire teeth. This is one hell of a sexy look !

maxresdefaultHalloween styling - Vampiresz1-300x300 makeup_vampire

How to Beat the Winter Beauty Blues

150 150 Vanity Van


Now the summer months are well and truly over, there’s a good chance your skin will experience some seasonal changes. Personally, my T-zone manages feel dry to the point of flakiness while still being prone to breakouts! What is a skincare-obsessed lady to do?


Beat the winter blues


Don’t worry, Winter Warriors! We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of winter beauty do’s and don’ts that will keep your complexion gorgeous and your complexion clear!


Switch to a Lighter, Hydrating Cleanser


You can get away with using heavy-duty cleansers in the summer months. After all, you’re working up a sweat, which often leads to large and/or clogged pores. However, the winter weather might force you to assess to your beauty rituals. If you find your complexion looking dull and dry, best to switch to a hydrating cleanser. Boots No 7’s Cleanser and REN’s cleansing balm are two great, inexpensive options (which you can find at your local chemist.)


Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!


Seriously, do not fall asleep or leave the house without moisturising! This is essential.


After you wash your face with a gentle face wash or cleanser and tone, apply a moisturiser to lock in good oils and protect your skin from the elements. If you have super oily skin, you can probably get away with using a lighter version. However, if you’re prone to dryness, it’s best to switch to a cream formula. (Think something you scoop from a tub and don’t squeeze from a tiny pump.)


Remember to Use an SPF


You may not need to use SPF 60 now that it’s cooler and cloudier, but don’t forgo sunscreen altogether. Depending on your skin’s tone, sun damage can still irritate your skin and cause inflammation, putting you at risk for skin cancer, and causing premature aging. Make sun protection a habit and stick to it, no matter the month!


Limit Your Exposure to Hot Water


I realise that this might seem counterintuitive. It’s getting colder outside. The last thing you want is to soak in tepid bath water. However, exposing your skin to too much hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause broken capillaries. If you must steam it up, time yourself. When you emerge from your shower, immediately apply an oil (jojoba, coconut, etc.) or lotion to trap in moisture.


Use a Balm on Lips, Cheeks, Cracked Hands


Whether you opt for an inexpensive brand like Vaseline or a slightly pricier formula like Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, make sure you preserve your skin’s moisture with a balm. It will heal any windburn, cracks, and other painful skin issues. (Note: This advice is pertinent to both kids and adults. Don’t forget about the little ones, folks! Their young skin is even more sensitive.)


Exfoliate: Up Your Moisturising Game


If your moisturiser can’t penetrate through the layer of dead skin cells resting on the surface of your face, it won’t be very effective at keeping you hydrated. Plus, dead skin cells can block pores, causing bacteria to collect and blemishes to appear.


Therefore, make sure you exfoliate once or twice a week. Whether you use a physical exfoliation technique to slough off dead skin cells or opt for a chemical version (like a product containing lactic acid), be sure you make it a skincare priority. Boots No 7 do a fantastic inexpensive Total Renewal Microdermabrasion product, which is fabulous for a weekly extreme exfoliating experience.


What do you say, readers?


What are your winter tips for beating the Bad-Weather Blues? Leave your beauty secrets in the comments below!

All the celeb beauty gossip from Vanity Vans backstage salon at Leeds festival 2014

150 150 Vanity Van

2 - Leeds backstage entrance and flags

Vanity Van featured backstage at Leeds this weekend just outside the main stage dressing room village tending to all the hair, makeup and beauty needs of the hundreds of artists and performers on site

 Ryan Lewis

We had an amazing weekend at Leeds despite the crazy weather not making up its mind as to whether it wanted to rain or shine. We met loads of great artists and witnessed some amazing performances!!

Florence and the team
The first day was rammed all of Clean Bandit popped in to say hello and came in for massages and told us that they were off to Paris to perform tomorrow night before they hit Reading festival on the Sunday they have a busy weekend ahead of them as they had to rush off after their set because Grace has to go to a wedding.

Elisabeth Troy
The Kooks swung by for a catch up and chat. Lead singer Luke said they will always support the Vanity Van and we commented on his new funky hairdo which he had done just before the festival. Hugh the guitarist said it’s an ongoing joke that people keep asking them where they have been and they haven’t even been anywhere! They had a much-needed day off planned on the Saturday before they hit up Reading.

the kooks

Maverick Sabre was tweeting us before he hit the site telling us he has three new backing singers in need of our skills. They are regulars of the salon and we often see him over the season – such a lovely man and an amazing voice…

Dan You Me At Six
You me at six all came in to the salon on the Friday and are uber busy touring this year, they still have Kuala Lumpar, Australia and America to do this year but will be home in time for Xmas.  Dan the drummer from You Me At Six had a trim with us again and hasn’t had his hair cut since he last saw us at Radio One in May! Hilariously their drum tech told us when he saw them on stage at radio one he thought they looked a bit fresh on stage from that morning and he couldn’t put his finger on why then realised they had all had their hair cut with us! Poor Dan has been having major problems with his arms from drumming, it’s like hitting concrete as he grips the sticks so hard he’s in agony a lot of the time with severe cramp so we invited him in for a massage.

 Josh You Me At Six

Lead singer Josh also asked to be annihilated by our masseuse as he has very achy lungs from all his antics on and off stage! We worked on his trigger points and gave him a proper battering! The boys from the band absolutely love our Batiste XXL plumping powder and have even been searching for it in the shops since they ran out from the Radio One event.

We have also had pretty much all the crew from Blink 182  for massages as they have had a tough time on tour at the moment!

1 - Disclosure and the team

The Disclosure boys popped in late doors on Friday and we cut and styled Howards hair. They have been busy touring America. Howard also really wanted a massage as his back is really bad at the moment we were teaching him how to do different squats to help strengthen the muscles in the lower back. He really hurt his back apparently trying to learn yoga through a phone app. They totally tore up the NME tent – people were getting hoofed out on stretchers it was so mental in the crowd!

Also on Friday we had a last minute call from Ryan Lewis for a full body massage just before he went on stage. He said he was looking forward to the massage because he is so energetic and jumps around so much on stage that it makes his muscles hurt and he hasn’t been able to have one since they played in Germany. As we left the dressing room we bumped in Macklemore who was genuinely gutted he missed out this time.

 The Saturday was just as crazy weather wise, the weather was completely schizophrenic all day raining one second and sunny the next and it even did both at the same time at points!

8 - Rob from Enter Shirkari post hair styling and massage

Rob the drummer from Enter Shikari who is a regular told us during a massage that he has to stop drinking beer because he doesn’t think it’s good for him. He had an amazing t-shirt on of a horse with a suit on that we nicknamed Jorge! He also showed us the tattoo he has of a stick person drawn around a mole. We gave his hair a once over and showed him how to create texture and volume using some of our Batiste products. Roughton their lead singer also came in for a blow dry and restyle just before they went on stage he had a huge quiff styled in and secured with tonnes of hair spray so he was rain proof.

Rou Enter Shikari Haircut
Aluna from Aluna George came in for the works – manicure, Batiste hair styling and a massage. She says that she was bored of having her photo taken this weekend but that Reading and Leeds was her favourite festival because the crowd are so fun. She said that she spends half an hour warming up her voice but always feels silly that everyone else can hear her.

Wilkinson tweeted us to see if we do tour bus delivery which we do and singers Becky Hill and Adam were joking on twitter that he was looking for a happy ending…. Adam their MC enjoyed a lovely massage with the team just before their set.

All the boys from Deaf Havana had massages and Lee the bassist fell in love with our therapist Bonnie and tried to ply her with free alcohol lol. 

 Vampire Weekend were on the last stop of the tour and announced to the crowd that even though Reading was good, that the Leeds crowd were the best. Chris the bass player came in to the salon afterwards after a hectic set for a much needed massage

Twin Atlantic 1
All the Twin Atlantic boys came rushing over to see us and they all came in for massages and again to bribe some more Batiste XXL plumping powder as they are huge fans. They have been crazily busy on tour recently and will be travelling to Europe and Australia in October and then hopefully home for Christmas. They are taking some of our team on tour with them so they can keep their hair trim and their backs in check!

Twin Atlantic 2
Hayley Williams from Paramore specifically sent someone over to raid our shelves for a huge bag of Batiste dry shampoo before their headliner set because it is her favourite. 

We bumped into Wilkinson and crew in the guest bar that night and he apologised for the salacious comments on twitter about happy endings. He made us give him a massage in the middle of the guest bar which he had to kneel on the floor for as he’s so tall…. They then kidnapped the team and took us to see Netsky on the Relentless stage, he did a bit of back to back with him and Becky Hill sung their song Afterglow with them. They were a scream and the Relentless stage literally went off it was rammed to the seams!

On the Sunday the weather took a turn for the better and we were blessed with sunshine and dry weather.

Pulled Apart By Horses unfortunately had to pull out of their main stage set today because one of the band members became really ill so everyone at the festival was gutted to hear that and we hope they get better soon.

Sam the drummer and Dan the saxophonist from Bombay Bicycle Club came in for a massage to distress their shoulders and arms as they were stiff from annihilating the drums and living on tour buses, we were only too happy to help of course!.

Royal Blood were seen by a member of the team playing catch with their drumsticks earlier on today in the backstage area of the NME stage just before their insane set. Someone commented on facebook they thought they were miming ! we don’t believe it….

Die Antwoord have got some brilliant neon costumes for their set on the NME stage later, we snapped a cheeky pic of them as we gave them a manicure earlier in the day.

Beasts were hilarious and all had massages in the salon they were larking around on our beanbags with the team for hours and we got some stupidly funny pictures of them.


Hozier’s Mia and Alana his keyboardist and cellist came in for their regular hair styling and makeovers. We used some conditioning mist on Alanas long locks to smooth in a lovely curl and gave Mia some dramatic Sleek smokey eyes for her set which she tweeted a pic of later on that day as she loved it so much.


Lead singer of the Hives Pelle popped in for a massage wearing a dapper game keeper style outfit all in white.

 The Hives
Foster and the people were going begging for more beers after their set as they were desperate to chill out… and the lead singer Mark popped in for a last minute cheeky massage to take that relaxation to the next level..

Arctic Monkey flares

We went to see Arctic Monkeys and the crowd were absolutely crazy with flares being lit and an insane mosh pit that we were nowhere near but still managed to wipe out the entire team when it got out of hand and spilled out to everyone else. So many people were carried out on stretchers! The Arctics are made to perform on this stage the sound was incredible.

Vanity Van face paint

All in all it was a great festival, a lot of fun was had by all and there was a great atmosphere backstage – the artists loved our treatments – Leeds was a truly memorable festival for the last stop of our festival tour of 2014. Until next year…..

Festivals For Frugal Fun? Yeah, You Can Do It…

150 150 Vanity Van


Festivals are probably one of the most carefree, free living things that you can do with yourself (if you’re that way inclined) over the summer months. They’re either a once in a lifetime thing you do, or something you look forward to each year.


It’s pretty fair to say though that these days they don’t come cheap and it’s up to you to be savvy, smart and cost aware if you’re planning on such a trip. There’s some tips and tricks you can take into account so that it becomes an easy venture rather than something that costs the earth.


Think about your equipment. You know the old adage, buy cheap, buy twice? It stands to reason here – think about the things you’ll need, a good tent, decent backpack, proper equipment. Save a bit in advance and get them from reputable shops. The initial outlay might be more, but in the long run you’ll save money, because you’ve only bought once!


As far as possible, take your own food and drink – and don’t pay hyped up festival prices. Not always easy, but it also means if you feel you can’t face what’s on offer, you’ve got you’re own provisions to fall back on.


Get your tickets as soon as you can – the earlier the better. Some sites will offer discounts the sooner you buy. Or, you can earn your ticket – by taking on some volunteer work for one of the charities that often have stands or people working on the festival ground. Put some hours in, you can very often still get to see all the bands and activities that you want to, but for free.

For lots more helpful info and further reading, you can see this guide here.

Adding that extra Va Va Voom !

150 150 Vanity Van


Pump up the volume this festival season with the help of Batiste’s root boosting XXL Plumping Powder. Small but mighty, a few sprinkles will help you to achieve this fabulous bouffant pony style, for party ready hair in an instant!Batiste XXL Plumping Powder

Step 1:

Add a sprinkle of Batiste XXL Plumping Powder into your roots and plump using finger tips.


Clip the top section of hair out of the way and tie the bottom section into a pony with a hairband.

Step 3:

Plump up the top section for extra height, then smooth over and tie all the hair together in one pony with another hairband.

Step 4:

Turn heads with your show-stopping style and party the night away!

Batiste XXL Plumping powder