Case Studies: Client Incentives

We have created dozens of fabulous client incentives to help our customers to pamper and reward their most valued clients. This can take place in any environment. We are often sent into the clients offices to set up a pamper space on their door step or sometimes a special event is set up in a different venue.

Mayer Brown women in business evening

client incentives salon set up reception

Location – Mayer Brown offices in Bishopsgate

Duration – 6pm-9pm

Team – 1 event manager and 6 multi skilled therapists

Treatments – Offering express hair styling, express makeovers and express manicures.

Aims – To invite their female clients into their offices for an evening event where they had complimentary cocktails, complimentary treatments and then had their professional photos taken for Linked in. Plus they received a talk on hints and tips of how to improve their linked in photos.

Campaign set up – We set up our full indoor salon in an empty meeting room next to the cocktail bar. This looked amazing and transformed the area into an event space for the client.

Results – The event was a huge success the combination of a social atmosphere with glamorous treatments worked so well the clients were extremely happy with the results and their photos. We conducted over 60 treatments lots of hair and make up in particular due to the photo opportunities.

Yahoo detox at the desk

client incentives massage treatments

Location – Clients offices central London

Duration – 12pm-4pm

Team – 1 event manager and 3 multi skilled therapists

Treatments – Offering facials, massages and manicures.

Aims – To offer post Xmas party detox for their media clients as a thank you for their custom.

Campaign set up – We we given a series of meeting rooms to set up on table massage units and other equipment to create a spa type environment. The client also set up decor, drinks, snacks and chocolates.

Results – We conducted over 20 treatments of all types the guests were super happy for the welcome recovery from the xmas party excesses.

Google party prep

client incentives salon hair styling

Location – Various media offices London

Duration – 5 hour varying time

Team – Varied 2-3 staff

Treatments – Express hair styling, express makeovers and express manicures.

Aims – To glam up the clients before their Xmas party events.

Campaign set up – We set up an indoor salon in the break out office area of one company and in a meeting room in another company.

Results – We conducted 30 odd treatments at each venue. The client loved the pampering before their big annual gathering.