Case Studies: Corporate Parties

We have created many beauty experiences for corporate parties for companies such as Virgin, AOL, H&M and Booker. Treatments work really well in the run up to the event ensuring everyone is glammed up ready for the night ahead and also during the event itself for touch ups. We also help to style staff and guests at events to suit all manner of interesting themes.

H&M Christmas party

corporate parties themed hairstyling

Location – Various London locations. We have worked with this team the last 3 Christmas’s

Duration – This year we started at 10.30am and finished at 10.30pm

Team – 1 project manager, 1 assistant manager, 2 beauty PR’s and 30 multi skilled hair and make up artists.

Treatments – For the judges, super group and themed groups of staff we conduct a mix of hairstyling, make up, face and body art and glitter.

Aims – Styling for groups who are taking part in a themed competition. To help them get into character. Over the years we have done all sorts ! everything from rocky horror looks, to painting people as australian animals from turning men into women.

Campaign set up – We normally set up mini salons in the groups rehearsal rooms or in a central point operating multiple teams with runners and managers moving between the rooms to firefight issues and move staff and equipment.

Results – We conducted almost 250 treatments at the latest event an equal split between hairstyling, make up and face/body art. The teams always love the results whether they need to be glammed up to look stunning in their outfits or if they need to be transformed into something bizarre for their costumes.

Criteria Fieldwork party prep

corporate parties office party hairstyling

Location – London

Duration – 1.30pm-4.30pm

Team – 5 multi skilled hair and make up artists

Treatments – Luxury dry styling and full makeovers

Aims – Glamming up the team for their awards ceremony

Campaign set up – We hired out our small table mirrors that fit perfectly on any table to instantly turn any office into a salon.

Results – We conducted 26 hair stylings and makeovers ensuring the team looked fabulous for their event.

AOL Nightmare before Xmas

themed corporate parties halloween creative face art

Location – Fabric Nightclub. We have also conducted a number of other similar events with them.

Duration – 8pm-11.30pm

Team – 4 make up artists

Treatments – Offering make up, face/body art and glitter.

Aims – To pamper and glam up the AOL team party goers.

Campaign set up – We were set up within an area of the club with some high stools.

Results – We conducted nearly 80 treatments it was a huge glitter fest with even the guys getting involved and rocking the glitter beard trend.