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Festival Rainbow Brows

Festival makeup and hair trends 2019 – Get that look

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On-Trend Festival Makeup and Hair LooksOur excitement for festival season is already sky high, but creating a standout festival makeup look is an essential part of the experience. If you’re mid-prepping for festival season or you just want to break out of your everyday makeup routine and experiment with your look, the Vanity Van team have put together a select few of our favourite festival ready looksFrom loud rainbow brows, to understated hair accessories, there is something for everyone in this year’s crop of festival makeup and hair trends. 

Haven’t you heard? There’s no need to fear Summer showers during festival season, because the wet look is back in and better than ever before. Recently popularised by Kim Kardashian at the 2019 Met Gala, every makeup fanatic was swooning at her ‘fresh out of the ocean’ look. To achieve this glistening, wet-look effect, add a blinding highlight to the centre of the eyelid, blending it upwards towards the brow bone. Pack a chunky, silver glitter on top of the highlighter, decreasing the intensity as you reach the brow. Instead of applying it just across the lid, shake things up and apply it both above and below the eye, extending it towards the apples of your cheeks. This symmetrical, blinged-out eye look is sure to make a statement, and not to mention, it’s the perfect cover up for those pesky under-eye bags after a long night of singing and dancing to your favourite bands  

Festival Makeup Rainbow BrowsIf you’re looking to inject some subtle colour into your festival makeup, then look no further. Colour doesn’t just have to be limited to the eyelids, and thanks to Instagram’s latest rainbow brow craze, it no longer is. Thankfully, if you’re not fully committed to permanently dyeing your brows, there are a bunch of beauty brands releasing their very own rainbow eyebrow pomades, purely to make this trend completely achievable and mess-free. To achieve this beautifully bold look, begin by applying the darkest of your chosen shades to the arch of your brow and extend it to the tail with an angled brush. Continue the process, from darkest to lightest, until you reach the head of your brow. Finish the look off by combing your brows with a spoolie to create a seamless gradient of colours and apply a strong-hold clear brow gel. 

Festival Makeup and Hair Accessories While your makeup may be the main attraction in your festival ensemble this Summer, they key to nailing your look is balance. When packing your festi-hair kit essentials, it can be a great ordeal to find room for all of your go-to hair products. Luckily, we have a hairstyle that requires minimal product so you can look hot to trot without having to pack heavy… we introduce, the messy high ponytail. To achieve this effortlessly chic hairstyle, begin by applying dry shampoo throughout your roots and massaging it in to give your hair extra volume. Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with hair tie, then pull out some hair from the front to give it messy look. Simple, right? But, do you still feel like your pony is missing something? Well, you’re in luck because the 80’s scrunchie has reemerged from the ashes of our childhood and is setting up shop on the SS19 runways, infiltrating high-street fashion and is set to be a must-have accessory for festival season. Whether you’re already obsessing over the scrunchie trend, or you’re yet to embrace its comeback, it’s time to accept it because it’s here to stay. 

Which of these statement looks will you be trying out this festival season?

Check out our last blog post on our skincare must-haves to beat the heat during festival season!

pop up salon for Glastonbury festival

The Pop-Up Spa For Glastonbury Festival

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Glastonbury Festival is almost upon us and this year we are doing things a little differently. Vanity Van are collaborating with The Pop-Up Hotel and bringing you the awesomeness that is … The Pop-Up Spa. Based outside pedestrian gate D on a private site we will be offering our full range of beautifying and relaxation treatments in a luxury spa site complete with swimming pool, hot tub and hot showers.

pop up salon for Glastonbury festival

Whats on offer ?

As Glastonbury Festival veterans, we at Vanity Van have plenty of experience in bringing you the most on-trend of festival hair and makeup looks and the most relaxing of pampering treatments to get you through 5 nights in a field. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business when it comes to festival salons, having spent eight years trading at Glastonbury Festival until a recent reshuffle of the markets last year,  we were absolutely thrilled to be asked to offer our fabulous services for The Pop-Up Hotel. Our services are operating from a luxury spa area in The Pop-Up Hotel complex hosting a hot tub, swimming pool, showers, restaurant, bar, our salon and 3 luxury treatment rooms.

Glastonbury Festival Makeup

We know all too well, the toll a weekend of Glastonbury Festival fun can take on your hair, skin and muscles… and the benefit our treatments can bring to your overall festival experience. Our award-winning team of multi-skilled hair stylists, makeup artists, beauticians and holistic therapists will be offering a comprehensive range of treatments to make sure you hit the fields looking, and feeling like a VIP. Be it a glamorous makeover, an intricate braided hair-do, a coating of glitter, a relaxing massage, or an eye-catching manicure…and so much more, we have you covered. And that’s not all! For the men out there, we offer a full range of male grooming including dry and wet shaves, facials, beard or moustache trims and man-icures.


How to book

Vanity Van massage (6)

If you are a pop-up hotel/motel guest then we are taking appointments from 8am-6pm daily. These are pre-book only and filling up fast. The online booking system link has already been emailed out to you by The Pop-up Hotel team.

As a non resident you too can take part in this luxuriousness by purchasing in advance a Spa pass. Entry is allowed either daily or for the weekend from 2pm until 7pm.

You can click here to purchase a Day pass for £99 either Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th June which includes 1 complimentary treatment.

Or you can click here to purchase a weekend pass for £299 valid for the whole weekend from Wednesday 21st June-Sunday 25th June which includes 3 complimentary treatments.

The Spa pass includes access to the hot showers, luxury toilets, pamper area with hair dryers, hot tub, swimming pool, restaurant and bar AND includes treatments of any of the below subject to availability:

All treatments are 30 mins and worth £35 each. 1 per day pass, 3 per weekend pass. You can prebook the days and times in advance:

• Basic hair styling – wet style on normal hair or luxury dry style on long thick hair
• Basic makeover – full makeover
• Rapid relax massage – full body massage
• Reiki
• Reflexology
• Luxury manicure – file, shape, soak, cuticle work, massage and paint
• Express pedicure – file, shape and paint
• Express facial – cleanse, tone and moisturise
• Hot towel facial

You’ll need to show your Spa Pass ticket to gain access to The Pop-Up Hotel site and the The Pop-Up Spa.

We look forward to pampering you all for this our ninth year running festival salons !

The Pop-Up Hotel

space buns Festival hair trends

Summer Festival Looks – Hair

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The final in our festival trend series. We’ve seen delicate floral makeup, dried flower manicures, glitter pretty much everywhere! Check out our previous posts here, and here.

So, to wrap things up, we are taking a look at three of the summer festival hair trends we are excited about for this coming season. Crimping (we promise its more wearable this time around!), Space Buns (because who doesn’t love channelling their inner Princess Leia!) and finally, Braids.

Festival Trends Hair Crimping


First up, crimping:

Before you head up into your loft to hunt for those beloved Babyliss crimpers which were assigned to retirement in the early 90s, this time around for the latest summer festival hair look we are holding back on the ‘very recently electrocuted’ look, and instead opting for a few select 1 inch sections crimped and then pulled back with the rest of the hair, into a loose low ponytail.



space buns Festival hair trends

Space Buns:

Speaking of the nineties…
This time around, pair your space buns with braiding for a 2017 take on the trend. Centre part and French braid from the front or back of the head (or both if you so wish) and twist the remaining hair into loose buns atop your head. Finally, coat the braids in a healthy dose of chunky glitter and you’re all set. Check out this funky summer festival hair look we created at last years V festival.



festival hair braidsBraids:

Skinny, chunky, french, waterfall or fishtail…we aren’t fussy. Braids are set to be the hairstyle of the summer so start practising asap! This gorgeous little waterfall number we put together at V festival last year. Hair ornaments, flowers or glitter are amazing to jazz up traditional braids. Tips to create the best plaits – unwashed hair is the one – the dirtier the better especially for tight braids. Use a conditioning mist such as Batiste to tame fly aways and add TONNES of hair spray post style to hold it in.

To bring the all the braids to the yard for your next event or campaign and get the experts to perfect your looks contact us on

Festival Looks Floral Eyeliner

Summer festival looks – Flower power

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With Coachella under our braided belts, we know what this means; festival season is well and truly underway.
Here at VV HQ we like to make sure you’re clued up on the latest trends ahead of schedule, we thought why not give you a quick run-down on some of our favourite festival looks for a summer of music-festival fun. The first in a three part series we look at the latest floral trends.

Flowers for festivals? Yes, yes, we know this is hardly ground-breaking news, but the floral trend which gained momentum in the seventies and shows no signs of dying out anytime soon, has taken on a new and exciting reincarnation for 2017. Whilst we won’t judge you for reaching for your trusty flower crown for your seventh Glasto in a row, check out these nature-inspired trends we are LOVING right now, if you fancy something new.

Blooming Mani:Festival looks floral Manicures
Following closely on the heels of the painted nail art we have been seeing the last few summers, the floral manicure is taking centre stage this season with dried flowers applied to the nail in place of the painted designs. A quick search online will offer up a variety of suppliers of dried flowers (or if you are feeling crafty, by all means whip up your own!) … apply with a dot of nail glue and seal with a layer of top-coat polish. Natural nail art perfection.

Subtle Flower Power:
Less is more where floral focus is concerned for this season as we noted at Coachella, where festival looks seemed to have matured slightly and a subtle, more toned-down look was adopted. In place of the mildly passé flower crown, we noted delicate floral hair pins, and real fresh, or dried flowers, tucked into gorgeous braided up-do’s and flowing boho waves alike.

Floral Liner:

Previous-years bold flower-power face art was pared right down with subtle floral accents appearing in place of liner or shadow (a steady hand is a must!). Using a fine liner brush and face paints or a flash palette, get creative with florals along your upper lash line being as dramatic or as subtle as you are comfortable with.

Festival Looks Floral EyelinerFestival Looks Floral Eyeliner









If you want to bring any of these floral wonders to your next event or campaign get in touch with our team at

80s eye makeup coloured mascara beauty trends summer

Summer Beauty Package

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Here at VV HQ we like to be ahead of the game when it comes to all the latest products and trends on the market. This month we are launching our first ever summer beauty package. Book our team to deliver this extravaganza at your next event to help your guests to stand out from the crowd with the summer seasons latest essential looks.

Bold statement eyes
80s eye makeup coloured mascara beauty trends summer

I’m sure we weren’t alone when a shudder went down our spine at the news that the beauty trends of the 80s were making a resurgence.

Fortunately, however, the more-is-more era has become slightly more wearable for its 2017 comeback. Corkscrew perms and liberally-applied blush aside, this season we will be focusing on colourful eye makeup looks with brash brights pulled up toward the temple, and co-ordinating coloured mascara applied to the lashes.

Latest glitter trends and metallic lips

outdoor salon makeup glitter lips

Of course, summer just wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of glitter, but this year it really is having its ‘shining’ moments

From subtle eye makeup looks to full body glitter paints, we have scoured the emerging and existing trends for our firm favourites this season and have plumped for… THE WORKS. Yes, we cheated as we just couldn’t narrow it down, so expect to see glittery under-eye makeup, metallic lips, glistening faux freckles and dazzling glitter hair lines from us this season.


summer beauty trends space buns braiding and glitter hair

Braid bars

Think braided up-dos and skinny plaits, this seasons hair is all about braids, which is fantastic news for party-goers as it’s a brilliant way to keep hair simultaneously under control and on trend in our unpredictable climate. Whatever your occasion, event or requirement, our talented team has the braided ‘do’ for you.

Our expert professional hair and makeup teams are multi skilled so it only takes one of our team to create these stunning looks for your guests. Email us at with some info around your event or campaign to find out more.








All the celeb beauty gossip from Vanity Vans backstage salon at Latitude Festival 2014

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PRESS RELEASE – Latitude festival post event report


Vanity Van featured backstage at Latitude this weekend in the 6 music dressing room village tending to all the hair, makeup and beauty needs of the artists and performers


Latitude 2014

Latitude tops



Vanity Vans backstage salon featured at Latitude this weekend in the 6 music dressing room village tending to all the hair, makeup and beauty needs of the artists and performers.

Vanity Van

The Vanity Van team had a phenomenal time at Latitude festival conducting treatments on the artists and performers before and after their sets. Latitude festival is a unique creative boiling pot of music, poetry, arts, literature and comedy there is something for everyone in the family and never a dull moment on site or in the backstage area, which played host to some crazy characters.

The weather presented some interesting challenges with some insane electrical storms drenching the crowds on Saturday night and gave the team a few palpations that we might return to a destroyed salon but thankfully it survived the deluge.

The fabulous Lily Allen kindly stepped in to save the day on the Friday when Alex from Two Door cinema club was taken ill to headline the main stage tonight. Lily a Vanity Van regular asked to borrow red and pink glitter for her set, before heading off to Spain, France and then Melbourne. Poor Lily apparently received some unnecessary backlash from Two Door fans on twitter about taking their place, however she quickly won them over and ended up with an amazing reaction to her set.

One of our more unusual requests was from Damon Albarn himself who asked the team to pop over Damon Albarn with sad clown face guitar techto his dressing room before their set so that we could paint up his guitar tech as a clown for his set! Damon Albarn’s singer Teni came in to the salon for a hair styling before she went on stage. Damon was spotted traipsing around backstage looking massively grumpy but was in high spirits before his set, maybe he too had been bitten to death by the swarms of mosquitos on site.

Lewis the bass player for Crystal Fighters came in for the works and had a beard trim, hairstyle and massage and Batiste Conditioning mist spritzed on the ends to smooth the flyaways. We even waxed Ellie, their vocalist.

Lewis Bass player of Crystal Fires

Piers from Rudimental post hair cut

Rudimental were confirmed in the afternoon as the secret performers on the Obelisk stage in the afternoon, which we were very pleased to hear. Bridget their singer popped in for a massage and said all the boys were sleeping like babies in the tour bus. However a sleepy Piers popped in last minute just before his set for a cheeky trim and a spritz of Batiste the band have been uber busy touring and were going off to Dublin after their set to play Latitudes Irish sister festival Longitude. We also bumped into Kenzie in his car with his baba as they were leaving and we found out singer Tommy has also just had a baby.

We spotted Edith Bowman knocking around the back stage this morning with her hubby Tom from the Editors, who were headlining the Obelisk stage, with their boys in tow.

Andrew lead singer and song writer from Hozier post massage

Andrew the lead singer and song writer of Hozier band of the moment came in for a relaxing massage after his set and we also had keyboardist Mia in for a manicure.

Jack the lead singer of Bombay Bicycle club was spotted by one of our team reading a book and relaxing in the sun whilst waiting to go on stage – so rock and roll!

Grace Chatto Clean Bandit post hair styling and makeover

Grace Chatto the celloist and main producer from Clean Bandit and their singer Florence all came in for hair and make-up before their set. The lovely ladies are all regulars of the salon and they are one of our absolute favs the whole team went to enjoy their set after the salon had closed – they absolutely smashed the 6 music stage. The band were bowled over by the crowds reaction and we loved them dropping a cover of You’ve got the Love.

Florence singer from Clean Bandit having Batiste XXL powder applied

William the lead singer from Augustines was cracking jokes and making everyone laugh whilst getting a massage. He went on a random journey and talked about Donkeys, Borneo, Weddings, Thai staff, Hair, Donkey pee, London, Berlin, Donner Kebabs and stomach issues. He came in for another massage after he sang and enjoyed it even more due to his exerting set.

William from the Augustines post massage

Dingus Khan helped Keith Allen fix his Land Rover, on Friday night because their drummer used to work in a car garage. Many people said that Keith Allens’ set was one of the highlights of the festival wonder if Lily stuck around to see it?

Huw Stephens Radio one post massage

Huw Stephens swung by for a massage and treated his other half to luxury manicure. He told us he is a very big fan of First Aid Kit and that we should check them out because they will be a big hit in the future.

Jess Violinst from the Vaults full undercut and spiral plait

We had all the girls from the Vaults in and violin player Jessica from Vaults has been running a lot recently to keep fit. She also revealed that she has always wanted to shave h

er entire head but has never been able to bring herself to do it. The girls all joked that as they all have undercuts now they should form a new band called The Undercuts. Jess also said that she is very body confident and thinks that women should be proud of their figure no matter what – we love her attitude.

Rudi singer from Jungle post hair cut

Jungle were one of the highlights of the weekend electrifying the audience and lighting up the 6 music tent after they had all been in for massages, make-up and hair styling’s. Jungle singer Rudi enjoyed being beautified because she’s the only female in the band and doesn’t get the
chance to talk about it that much. We had all the boys in for haircuts, styling and massages. Jungle percussionist Dominic enjoyed watching the girls massage and asked for tips from the team to use on his friends.

John the bass player from Kwabs had a Batiste hair styling and a massage and loved his new style. John Bass player from the Kwabs having a Batiste hair styling Their singer Neo who had some ringlet curls put in revealed that they were hanging round with singer Moko for the festival.

Vanity Van’s next tour stop is Rewind festival in August and then finishing off the season will be another backstage salon at Leeds. Press invites will be sent out before each event so you can book in to come and see the team in person and work with them on features.

photos all credited to Jack Williams, Vanity Van

All the beauty gossip from Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon 2014

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PRESS RELEASE Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon post event report

 Vanity Van had their biggest salon yet for their sixth year trading at Glastonbury this year. Based in the John Peel area of the festival the operation has been doubled in size this year to cope with the insane demand from festival goers.

The Vanity Van’s Glastonbury festival salon received over 800 pre-bookings from as far away as Australia and Dubai. The clients and rain both came in floods to use our hero Batiste products and to make the most of our DIY stations to resurrect those damp frizzy locks.


Along with the massive downpours of rain came the inevitable electrical problems but the team pulled together to resolve the resulting back ups juggling around appointments and delivering piping hot teas and coffees to cold, wet customers squeezing together under the salon roof to protect their newly styled hair. Even Rudimental’s set was cut short on the Pyramid stage when the electrical storm started. We clocked 10 inches of rainfall in less than an hour. But Glasto wouldn’t be Glasto without a bit of torrential rain…


Vanity Van had the biggest alfresco salon ever trading at Glastonbury featuring 9 stylist stations and 13 DIY slots which were fully booked all day Friday and Saturday and in total saw almost 1700 customers in their record breaking salon over the weekend. Plaits and glitter face art were the two main trends this year with festival goers coming in their hundreds in need of colourful sparkly face makeup and boho style plaited updo’s.


Bouffants, big hair and curls were also hugely popular which the team used Pixie Lott’s fun and floral to give hair that clean, fresh look and leave it smelling gorgeous. To create quiffs volume and general body we used buckets of XXL Plumping Powder. Express hair styling was a popular request this weekend where hair was getting frazzled in the baking sun then the next minute being rained on and left a frizzy mess. Our stylists used Batistes conditioning mist which contains Argan oil to smooth out the flyaways and add back some much needed condition to the ends.

customer with facepaint

Glitter was found in unimaginable places around the salon and campsite as punters were throwing it over each other and sharing it via hugs like some sort of contagious bug. Some clients were asking for a dash of glitter as a reminder of the festival when they got home so people in the office would know they had been. Others didn’t even realise they had it anywhere on their body until we pointed it out. Face paints over the eye were popular for the women and children we had in the salon and one customer even had Dolly Parton drawn onto her cheek as she was a big fan, we added glitter too of course! Other face paints included full face sugar skulls and a special birthday tiger for a lucky customer!

image of facepaint

Our hair wash stations were incredibly popular and welcomed a wide range of clients including staff on site and people of all ages wanting that fresh feeling that only a hair wash can give. Our assistant manager Graham was on hand with jugs of warm water to speed up the system when the queues reached an all time high level. Our new power pump showers proved a success and gave our clients fast, powerful hair washes.

image of man pouring water over womans head

Massages were also very popular for those tired aching muscles after the first day of torturous, gruelling work getting the tents put up, although luckily it wasn’t yet raining at this point. The team were digging their feet deep into the sticky mud that overtook the salon to massage the clients at a good pressure and aid sore backs, necks and shoulders. Also Sunday saw a mass influx of battered festival goers who after 3 days of trudging around in the mud were in agony.

man having massage

We had lots of regulars and repeat customers this weekend including celebrity Angel Haze. She came in for her personal favourite the luxury makeover shes also a fan of a massage and supped lemon honey tea while she had her treatments. She left with bouncy, glamorous curls and bold makeup to go on stage later in the day.

angel haze having makeup done

Another regular Caroline Flack also booked in but didn’t turn up, maybe that had something to do with the torrential rain? Or maybe she was just hungover…

The team were really happy to see that The Kooks were revealed as the “TBA” acts on Sunday at the John Peel stage next door to the salon. The girls were all dancing and singing along to their music which we could just about hear from the salon. The Kooks were visitors to the Vanity Van at Radio Ones Big Weekend.

queue at glasto

Dolly Parton surprised the crowd with a miniature diamond encrusted saxophone and performed the Benny Hill theme song which had everyone laughing and joining in. She never fails to entertain her fans.
 It was a crazy, fun-filled week for all involved. Glastonbury didn’t fail to deliver both rain and happy punters definitely its best one yet. The team are already looking forward to to next years event.


The Vanity Van salon are poised and ready for their next adventure at Latitude Festival and will also be backstage at Leeds and front of house at Rewind.

Twitter @vanityvan

Festival Fresh with Batiste Pixie Lott

150 150 Vanity Van


Batiste Pixie Lott fun and floralPop princess Pixie Lott is a festival fashionista which is why she has created, along with Batiste, a special variant that is perfect to pump up the volume. It’s the ultimate hair care essential infused with a clean, fresh scent of summer floral’s, inspired by Pixie herself.


With real celebrity style Batiste Pixie Lott is the must have dry shampoo for instantly refreshing style and volumising hair with a new fun, floral fragrance.


Here are my top tips to create these glamorous waves….


Pixie Lott fun and floralTip 1 – Shake can like a good cocktail and hold approximately 30cm from hair—spray lightly and evenly. Massage through hair using fingertips and then leave for a moment. Brush out fully.

Tip 2 – Divide hair into sections—each about 2in. wide, and loop hair into a flat pin curl and secure with a grip or section clip. Leave whilst you do your make-up or keep in place overnight to maximise your curls. (This will save you from those scream out loud bed head moments…)


Tip 3 –Remove the grips or section clips and shake hair loose. Run your fingers through yourPixie Lott fun and floral hair to release the curls a little.


Tip 4 – Spritz a little more Batiste into roots to ensure that your hair stays looking festival fresh all day and night….


Don’t forget to drop by the Vanity Van for more expert tips.

Batiste Pixie Lott fun and floral

Batiste PIXIE LOTT available from mid-April in Boots and ASOS, and mid-May in Superdrug, Asda, Sainsbury’s


RRP £2.99 (200ml)