Autumn Skincare Routine

Autumn skincare tips to live by 2019- Love your skin

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Autumn Skincare RoutineWhile we’re all for cosy Autumnal nights in, accompanied by a mountain of blankets, hot chocolate and a lineup of rom-com films, the change in weather unfortunately isn’t good news for your skin. As we transition seasons, it’s time to curate an Autumn skincare routine that soothes and smooths your post-summer skin whilst simultaneously prepping your skin for winter. The Vanity Van team have gathered up our best skincare tips to supercharge your skincare routine as we make our way into the crisp Autumn months. 

After a Summer of long beach days and hours in the beating sun, your complexion is more likely to suffer from uneven skin texture, congested pores and breakouts. There’s a common misconception that exfoliation causes dry, flaky skin, but we’re here to tell you that you’re totally wrong. Gentle exfoliation is the best way to treat dehydrated, dull skin as it scrubs away dead skin cells and allows your skin to resurface, revealing a healthy, radiant glow. Removing damaged skin cells and dried up oils also means that the skin is able to absorb beneficial ingredients deeper, so you get more bang for your buck when it comes to skincare products. We’re ready to jump on the exfoliating bandwagon, are you?

Autumn Skincare RoutineMoisturising throughout the year is non-negotiable, but as the colder months creep in, it’s essential to upgrade your skincare products to more hydrating, nourishing formulas. Autumn months typically cause your skin to produce less oil, stripping it of acids that naturally occur in the skin. If you have dry skin, it’s officially the time to knuckle down on hydration boosters to stop your skin from getting flaky. Opt for a moisturiser specifically designed to prevent moisture loss and replenish and resurface the skin barrier. For those of you with oily skin, applying a full-duty night-cream can feel a little heavy on the skin, so opt for a moisturiser formulated for oily skin with a matte finish to prevent your skin producing more oilsIs your skin still feeling a little thirsty? Indulge in a weekly treatment mask to brighten your skin tone and replenish your skin. Leave the mask to settle overnight and remove in the morning with a soft cloth to unveil beautiful, Autumn ready skin!

Which of these Autumn skincare tips will you be trying out when the weather takes a turn for the worse?