Halloween Makeup Black and White

Halloween makeup inspiration 2019- Let’s say boo

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Halloween Makeup Inspiration

The attire you choose is typically the focus of the night when Halloween rolls around, but it’s makeup that can really make, break or even suffice as a costume itself. With our help, you won’t be procrastinating, scrambling to find a last-minute costume or settling for the lazy girl go-to of cat ears and whiskers this yearFrom a technicolour twist on the classic film noir style makeup, to a ‘picture perfect’ protest on Insta-worthy beauty, we’ve rounded up 3 our favourite Halloween makeup looks which will only require a quick trip to the cosmetics aisle to pull off.  

Instead of buying a full costume to create the ultimate alter-ego on Halloween, why not paint a disguise directly on to your face? A masquerade mask is the quintessential accessory for Halloween festivities, but why buy a mask when you can make one yourself? Begin by using a white liquid liner to lightly trace the shape of the mask onto your face. Fill in the blanks with a water-proof, long-wearing white paint and set it with a translucent powder, so your mask won’t budge until sunrise. Outline the mask with a black eyeshadow, smudging it onto the outer edges of the face to create shadow. Finish the look off with lashes, rhinestones, glitter and other accessories to make your Halloween makeup ultra-glamorous for this go big or go home holiday. If you want to amp up the spook factor, apply a red acrylic paint below the mask using a cotton bud to create the illusion of bleeding eyes. 

Halloween Makeup InstaceptionInstagram has become the ultimate hub for all things beauty, but it can leave some of us feeling disheartened after scrolling through a feed of flawless, unattainable eye looks and perfectly carved eyebrows. Beauty bloggers have recently taken to social media to create an Insta-worthy eye look outlined with a hyper-realistic Instagram frame, as a bold statement about the pressures of social media. For Halloween this year, why not stand up in protest and interpret the ‘picture perfect’ look in your own way? To recreate this look by James Charles, dig out your florescent eyeshadows, shimmers and glitter and tap into your inner makeup artist to create a swoon-worthy eye look. Create a base and trace a square around the eye to mimic an Instagram picture frame. A bold and glamorous Halloween makeup look that also makes a statement? Say no more, we’re in! 

Halloween Makeup Black and WhiteInstead of spending all of your money on one-time-use makeup products and spending hours practising and nailing your Halloween makeup look, we’ve come up with a look that requires minimal product and is surprisingly simple to pull off. To recreate this stunning look by @ellis_atlantischoose a light shade of grey to apply as your base and mix with white paint to highlight the higher points of your face. To create depth along the cheekbones, nose and jawline, choose a deep shade of grey and contour as usual. For the eyebrows and lips, opt for a deep shade of dark grey or black to make them pop against the light grey hue. While this monochromatic style makeup looks killer on its own, why not emulate the style of film noir with a pop of colour? Grab a stippling sponge and stipple different shades of paint around the eye, dragging it down to the cheek to create the illusion of tears drops. Whether you want to take on Halloween straight out of a 1950’s thriller, or amp it up with a technicolour twist, this look is sure to turn heads this holiday. 

Which of these mesmerising makeup looks will you be trying out this Halloween?