We offer a wide range of massage treatments tailored to suit your event needs. Massage is a fantastic event based treatment to encourage relaxation and create an air of calm amongst guests.

Utilising a combination of styles and techniques, such as Indian head massage, Swedish body massage and deep tissue massage, our team are able to focus the treatment on the individual client’s requirements.

Massages are a great service to offer at any event and are fantastic for attracting attention for brand or product launches or at exhibitions, as they are very visual. Most people can benefit from the relaxation a massage can offer, so it is always very popular and is a particular favourite with men.

Vanity Van massage treatment for events
Massage treatment event staff
massage treatment event staff

Massage is also a fantastic way to promote health and well-being to staff in the form of client incentives, staff rewards and corporate fun days. Massage techniques are very versatile.

We can conduct head, neck and shoulder massages using massage chairs or normal seating, full body massage using massage beds or simply offer hand or feet massage from normal furniture. It is also possible to change the length of the massage to allow us to be flexible during the event.

Massage is great for busy events where we can shorten or lengthen the treatment to suit changes in demand.

Products used

Massage requires very limited products. We often use massage oils in treatments if this is what the client wants. Our massage furniture can include professional massage chairs, on table massage units, professional massage tables or normal seating.

outdoor salon massage treatment